4 Natural Ways to Reverse Hair Loss

Your hair plays a vital role in your overall appearance, and it is normal for you to want to improve your hair to a satisfactory level. Furthermore, hair loss can negatively impact your confidence and self-esteem. Fortunately, there are tons of natural solutions to slow or even prevent hair loss. Let’s look at the 4 natural remedies recommended by Yun Nam Hair Care for hair loss.

1. Practice Better Hair Care

Whatever the cause of your hair loss, it is important to come up with a suitable hair care routine technique that will reverse hair loss and help it remain healthy. Below are some important guidelines for better hair care:

  • Minimize the use of hot styling tools, bleaches, and harsh dyes as they can lead to hair breakage.
  • Avoid washing your hair frequently. Instead, wash it thrice a week.
  • Avoid enclosing your hair into very tight and uncomfortable styles as this can cause a certain type of hair loss known as traction alopecia, which pulls your hair completely out of its roots.
  • Try using conditioners and other hair products to keep your hair fully moisturized and prevent hair loss.
  • Avoid pulling or breaking your hair when sleeping by wearing a satin pillowcase or a satin cap.

2. Take Supplements and Vitamins

Supplements containing biotin, which belongs to the vitamin B family, lead to improved hair growth and encourage stronger hair even for non-biotin deficient people. The following are some of the common vitamin deficiencies that can cause hair loss and be resolved through vitamins and supplements:

· Selenium: Low selenium levels can lead to hair loss.

· Iron: Iron deficiency is the main cause of hair loss in premenopausal women.

· Vitamin D: Insufficient amounts of vitamin D can be a cause of thinning hair.

· Zinc: Low Zinc levels can result in hair loss or breakage

3. Improve Your Diet

One of the most effective ways of reversing hair loss is making sure that you are consuming adequate amounts of minerals and vitamins in your meals. You are also advised to drink lots of water to maintain adequate hair moisture and strength. Below are some vital foods you should include in your diet:

  • Nuts (walnuts and almonds) contain high selenium levels to aid hair strength.
  • Protein-rich foods such as fatty fish, eggs, beans, etc.
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables

4. Treat Underlying Conditions

Lastly, treating underlying medical conditions like hypothyroidism may play a major role in solving most of your hair loss problems. Additionally, managing stress, hormonal changes, and intake of certain drugs may also help solve your problem of slow hair loss or thinning hair.

4 Natural Ways to Reverse Hair Loss 2

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Though home hair loss routines might be effective, it is advisable to first determine the cause of your hair loss before starting any course of treatment. Moreover, professional hair care can help prevent hair loss from even happening in the first place. At Yun Nam Hair Care, we use botanical-based hair products to provide hair loss remedies to all our clients. Get started today and visit us for effective hair loss treatments through tried, tested, and approved remedies.