Here Are The Reasons Why Is Your Resume Not Selected?

Here Are The Reasons Why Is Your Resume Not Selected? 1

Did you realize that you only have 5 seconds to impress your recruiter? In 5 seconds, you should be able to sell your resume and create the impression that you are the perfect candidate. Do you feel like your resume is being overlooked? Then, check out your resume and make sure that you avoid these critical mistakes that make you invisible.

Of course, the job market is very competitive these days and recruiters are overwhelmed by a plethora of resumes. So, let’s forget being shortlisted for an interview, but what’s even more annoying is when you won’t get a response from recruiters. Have you ever wondered “why” this is happening?

The answer is easy-because you are not qualified enough. That’s all, the recruiter is done with your resume. But most of us refuse to accept that fact.

Reason Why Your Resume Is Not Shortlisted

Whether you’re a fresher in the job field or looking for a better career opportunity, the resume will make a significant difference to your prospects. You may have multiple professional skills and excellent academic performance, but your resume can still be rejected in the initial selection. It is normal to worry about why my resume is not being shortlisted. Worrying is not a solution; You have to find a concrete way out to solve the problem.

How do you correct it? Either you can search for solutions online and work on your resume, or you can turn to a professional resume writer like the resume writing services in India who will write you an impressive resume.

  • Location

You do not live in the region where the position is located. Sometimes, the reason for the immediate rejection of your application is not due to the content of the CV.

For example, you applied for a job in city X while you live in city Y which is a thousand kilometres from City X. This means that when the recruiter reviews your application, they can immediately reject it based on where you live. They had the option of getting a call to attend the interview, but now recruiters are trying to create a shortlist right away to shorten the online interview process. If you are ready to move, mention it.

  • Unimportant amounts of subjective skills

Having hundreds of skills doesn’t always make you fit for a job. For example, you are applying for the position of accountant. If you mention your coding skills on your resume and application, will they be? The resume should have a clear perspective of the position you apply for. So before submitting it to the recruiter, make sure you highlight the skills relevant to the job in question to increase your chances

  • “Talk About Roles, Not Achievement” is not true!

Those who have worked for several years often boast about their professional achievements. It’s good to mention the awards related to your career, but just emphasizing them won’t make a good impact. Instead, mentioning job roles and responsibilities in the process helps. The recruiter has a clear idea of your skills as they progress through your previous job roles, reducing your chances of rejection.

  • Career interruptions and gaps

Career interruptions and gaps are important reasons why an application is rejected immediately. In this Covid situation, in particular, companies prefer to hire experienced candidates. So, even if you have a void in your career or degree, be sure to state the valid reason for it. With a reasonable and valid explanation in support of the loophole, there is a chance the recruiter might not immediately turn it down.

  • Inaccurate Information

Incorrect information about your job responsibilities or incorrect information is one of the top reasons for a refusal. Recruiters have a deep understanding of job roles and skills. They can easily spot information gaps. Therefore, providing information so inaccurate about your previous positions or academics can be a boomerang for you. Adhere to the correct information and describe it compactly according to the ATS rules.

Check your application or final resume and send it immediately. Even if you have contacted a professional writer, it is your responsibility to carefully review the content. Without checking the résumé, you can never find out if there is any incorrect information on the résumé.

  • Avoid Spelling and Grammatical Errors

Before you think about why my resume is not shortlisted, did you check the resume for grammatical errors? Spelling and grammatical errors in the resume are some of the major drawbacks. Not only does this annoy the recruiter, but it also makes you look sloppy. Don’t portray this picture to the recruiter and make a wise decision by checking it with grammar checker software.

  • No current information

These are some common résumé mistakes that may result in not getting a callback. Provide up-to-date information. Always double-check the resume thoroughly before finishing it. Aside from all of these factors mentioned, there are many other reasons why your resume may be rejected. Before submitting your application, please review it correctly to avoid the following errors.

  • Use of the “functional” format
  • Poor online presence
  • Lies in application
  • Incorrect chronological order in the résumé
  • Too much personal information
  • Writing your résumé in the first person

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