Essential Employee Survey Questions

The business landscape has changed. Employees increasingly have more options. So, you’ve rightly decided that you should prioritize the employee engagement to retain top talent. Surveying your workforce is an excellent place to start. But what kind of questions will you ask? You sure have lots to choose from, but not all of them will provide the insight you need. Keep reading for essential employee questions that must be in your engagement survey.

What are Employee Engagement Surveys?

Employee engagement survey basically assess how valued employees feel at their organization, what their experience is like. It’s a key tool that can be used to learn whether your workforce is happy and how long they’ll likely be with the company.

What Should the Survey Questions Cover?

You’ll want to query about leadership trust, employees’ outlook, how well teams work, how effective managers are, individual needs, any management changes, resources, communication, career growth and development, and employee engagement outcomes.

What are Some Essential Questions I Should Ask?

Yes, these surveys are crucialbut do resist the urge to include everything but the proverbial kitchen sink. Otherwise, employees may come to dread completing them or will just speed through them without much thought. Having said that, here are some questions you really should include in your employee survey:

  1. Does your work engage you? This IS an engagement survey, so it’s okay to get right to the point.
  2. Are the colleagues around you devoted to company objectives? If you and your immediate coworkers are on the same page, that promotes productive solidarity.
  3. Would you recommend this company? That’s the bottom line, isn’t it? Would you tell friends to apply?
  4. Is your position on track with your career goals? You don’t want your employee to quit because it isn’t. Find out what opportunities they’re searching for.
  5. Do you have opportunities for career advancement and growth at this company? It’s crucial that you learn about preferences for career growth.
  6. Do you have the tools, supplies and other resources to do your job? If not, this is a relatively easy one to fix. But first, you must know about it.
  7. Do you have the info needed to do your job? They may not and have been hesitant to say so. Theremay be a simple communication problem that needs fixing.
  8. Do you feel like your opinions are valued at this company? If people don’t feel like they’re listened to, they’ll ultimately more than likely leave for a place where they are heard.
  9. When company changes are made, do you understand why? If not, such changes can lead to feelings of unease. Communicate better with employees.
  10. Do you feel recognized when you do something awesome at work?Here’s a fun fact: employees who do feel recognized are 2.7 times more likely to be highly engaged.
  11. Is your job flexible enough? We all have personal lives and need a work-life balance. And check out this stat: staffers who feel like their employer cares about their health and wellbeing are 3.5 times more likely to be highly engaged.

Now that you know the essential questions to include in your employee engagement survey, you can commence to formulating a survey that will give you the insights needed to improve employee engagement, consequently giving you a much better shot in this wild and wooly business environment to lure and retain top talent. If you’re not up to handling this yourself, or you just don’t have the time, we suggest going with the HR consultant Mercer.