Top 4 Romantic Games That Couples Can Play Together

When we talk about dating life, and intimacy in general, there are a lot of reasons to play games and have fun together. At the starting of any relationship, there is a completely different side of us that comes out in front of our special ones. We have a filter on ourselves when we start seeing someone and get involved with them romantically. However, playing games together like what would our look like would always make the bond between you two love birds stronger and would help you get even closer in difficult times too. In this article, you will know the top 4 fun and romantic things that couples can do together. 

Baby Face Simulator Website:

If you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend, and you are in a serious relationship with them where you gradually start seeing the future with them by imagining yourself getting married to them and having kids too, there are websites that can simulate the face of the kids that you might have in the future. By simulating the face of your future kid, you might get closer to your loved one and also have a clear image of the future of yourself as well as the relationship. Babyface simulator apps are widely available on the internet to choose from.

One Word Answer:

Many dating websites allow people to match on their platform where they could even talk. Generally, people who are going on their first date after matching on these dating websites or even people set up through friends or colleagues can play this game in their first meet. Basically what this game does is that you have to ask a question to the person on the other end, of which they should answer that question in just one word. This game could be fun if played in the right manner.

16 Question Game:

If you know what a one-word answer game is, 16 questions game would be perfectly fine for you to understand. In this game, if you are on a date with someone, not specifically the first meet or third or fourth date, but generally this game can be played anytime, the person asks 16 sets of questions which are divided into 4 parts of 4 questions each. Each set of 4 questions is different than the other set of 4, like one set of personal questions, one set of future-related questions, and one of the past-related questions.

Poem Writing Game:

When we talk about long-term relationships, where you imagine a future with an individual, and think about getting married and starting a family with them too, there has to be an intellectual intimacy among yourselves. What would be better than writing poems for each other and expressing feelings and emotions not through words, but poems. In this game, a person has to write down their feelings towards the other person and pen it down in a sequence that rhymes and feels full of emotions. This expression of love makes the bond stronger.