How are most birth injuries sustained?

Preventable errors in the delivery room can lead to untold tragedy for those families confronted with this reality.  Sadly however, for some, what should be the happiest day of their lives, the birth of a child, is spoiled owing to neglect and medical malpractice during the delivery procedure.

Birth injuries are often buried in medical statistics and explained away by the hospital administrators and their insurance companies as the result of unforeseen medical complications, and offers little in the way of explanation, and leaves inconsolable parents with few helpful answers. 

Birth injuries can result in a variety of chronic health problems for the kid, as well as a lifetime of costly medical treatment for the family.  In addition to the potentially high cost of care for the injured infant, the family must also deal with non-economic damages like the pain and suffering that result from a diminished quality of life.

How are Most Birth Injuries Sustained During Delivery?

The childbirth process can be difficult on both the infant and the mother in general, but conscientious doctor can avoid many of the dangers simply by acting within agreed standards of care.  When they fail in that regard however infants can get hurt.

Some leading causes of birth injuries include oxygen deprivation, medication miscalculations, and improper use of delivery tools have all played outsized roles in causing birth injuries.  Additionally, failing to closely watch the health of both the mother and baby, allowing for the making of medication errors, and failing to observing accepted and proper delivery techniques are all causes of birth injuries.

Whenever accidents are avoidable via simple adherence to medical procedures, it is even more upsetting for families who are faced with years of continued care, lost income, assisted living costs, and increased medical expenses throughout the course of the child’s life.

An experienced attorney with extensive experience in dealing with birth injury claims can help you assess these long term costs and present a case for redress of your loss including the non-economic cost of pain and suffering.  As such, you will want legal support from a law office that will fight diligently to get to the bottom of your child’s injury and hold those parties responsible through aggressive litigation or negotiated settlement.

Whether the error was caused by overwork, arrogance, distractions, or simple incompetence, you have rights that can be defended in court by a qualified attorney in Pennsylvania.  Birth injuries happen far more frequently than most people know, and the effects may be heartbreaking for families who are dealing with long-term health issues for their infant. Preventable mistakes that could have been reasonably expected to be discovered throughout the delivery process likely to violate acknowledged “Standards of care,” and are thus vulnerable to lawsuit if negligence is established. The distribution procedure frequently deviates from acknowledged “Standards of Care,” and is thus open to legal action if carelessness is established.                     

Who’s to Blame for Birth Related Injuries Related to Negligence?

Medical personnel who fail to adhere to the best practices of obstetrics are subject to blame should their negligence lead to an otherwise preventable birth injury. Given that doctors do not intentionally harm their patients, what are some of the reasons of birth injuries? Whether through error or design, these medical professionals can be held liable for the long term consequences of their mistake.

Further, insurance companies, hospital administrators, manufacturers of medical equipment, and others might be found to be responsible for a birthing injury depending on the circumstances.  In addition to problems that might present in the delivery room, the danger time span extends beyond the delivery room to include the pregnancy and post-partum period.  As a result, clinicians have a responsibility to notice symptoms of potential issues and risk before, during, and after the birth, rather than just during delivery.

Failure to do so not only exposes doctors to claims of negligence, but it may also result in a variety of injuries that may have life-altering effects on their sufferers, such as:

  • Perinatal stroke
  • Bleeding in the skull
  • Infections
  • Oxygen deprivation
  • Brain damage
  • Facial nerve damage

It’s crucial to remember that difficulties do arise throughout the childbirth process, but when those complications are caused by medical mistake, it’s your family who suffers. A skilled birth injury lawyer can assist you in determining the reasons of your child’s injury and holding those responsible accountable.

To Discuss Your Child’s Birth Injury, Contact Wapner Newman

If your kid was hurt during the delivering process and you believe the damage was caused by a mistake made by your medical team in the delivery room, we invite you to contact Wapner Newman’s skilled and experienced birth injury attorneys.

An skilled birth injury attorney’s task is to pierce the shroud of silence in order to establish that medical mistakes or incompetence happened. Birth injuries caused by medical malpractice are both tragic and legally actionable in Pennsylvania.

We understand the anguish that a birth injury may bring a new family, and we also know how to help.

We not only understand the grief a birth injury can cause a new family, but we also know the long term costs and effects that injury will have moving forward as unacademy app for pc. As a result, we will fight tooth and nail to ensure that you and your family obtain the compensation to which you are due in the case of medical malpractice or delivery room mistakes.

To find out if your child’s birth injuries were caused by your doctor’s failure to take proper care during the delivery process, call us for a free consultation with one of our medical malpractice lawyers.

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