Learning More About These Usages of Internal Bi-fold Door Tracks

When it comes to choosing an internal door, we have a range of options to consider. However, nowadays you will see many houses using a bi-folding door. This not only makes us have enough space for the opening, but also gives your home a better and a stylish look.

Internal bi-fold doors will work better when they are made with specialized hardware and the track system. You can take help from experts. The bi-folding door factory makes these doors with German engineering and British manufacturing. In this article, we are going to highlight the different types of internal bi-fold tracks.

What is an internal bi-fold track?

Tracks are important when it comes to internal bi-folding doors as it guides them while opening and closing the door. It is made up of two tracks. One is the main track and the other a guide track. 

The main track is very important for the door to operate well. But the manufacturers use two different types of main tracks like the top-hung and the bottom rolling.

Top hung track: As the name suggests, the top hung is the one that hangs from the top. Here it means that all the weight of your door and the wall above it lies on the frame heads. So, they need a strong lintel to support it. Sometimes the top-hung can be unstable, so here comes the need for captive rollers who can help here.

Bottom rolling: As the name suggests, here most of the weight of the door is concentrated at the bottom of the foot of the door. Any overhead beams or lintels do not support it. These doors are more stable and stronger and allow you to operate smoothly.

What type of hardware is required for internal bi-folding doors?

A bi-fold will include the following items:

  • Top and bottom pivot: When folding up the door, the top and the bottom pivots can be helpful. 
  • Half offset hinges: This provides ease in folding the doors
  • Intermediate carrier: This roller assembly allows sliding in the top track.
  • Straight hinge: This will attach both the middle door and the access door.
  • Slide bolts: When the doors are closed, these slide bolts will help to fasten the doors.
  • Tubular mortice latch and the keep: You can find them on internal doors. They are like closing devices that are useful instead of locks. The mortice latch is attached to the door and the keep is attached to the frame.
  • Handles: You can choose amongst the different types of handles like the lever, flush, doorknobs, pull handles.

About the Pre-finished and unfinished oak?

This is useful to be known when you plan to purchase the internal oak bi-fold doors. There are two types in it i.e., pre-finished and unfinished.

In an unfinished oak, you are allowed to customize it the way you want it to be. This allows you to choose the look that matches your house interiors. On the other hand, they are lower cost-wise too. 

Pre-finished oak is the door that is made fully and all you need to do is to install it. The advantage is that this saves both your time and effort both. This is somewhat an expensive option and you will not get the color or material of your choice. 

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