How to Choose a Moving Company

A moving company eases your stress when relocating. However, finding trustworthy movers is a chore with various professionals today. The good news, whether you’re considering a local move or long-distance move, there are several commercial moving contractors you can choose from. Here’s how to choose the right moving company when relocating.

1.   Get Referrals

Good recommendations gives you better prospects of choosing good and reliable movers. Ask referrals from family and friends to find trustworthy contractors near you. They might recommend big-name companies they probably heard about. Don’t assume that the big-name agencies are the best. Referrals give you time to sit back and find movers you can trust. Go through the phone catalogor research reviews of past customers online.

2.   Follow the Rule of Threes

If you’re thinking about how to choose a removal company, avoid settling for the first estimate you get. Instead, stick with the rules of threes. What is the rule of three’s? Get in-person quotes from a minimum of three companiesbefore hiring their service. Every company has different estimates, and some are favorable than others. With the rule of threes, you not only get the chance to select reliable movers based on professionalism but also get to choose movers that will save you cost.

3.   Watch Out for Red Flags

Sometimes getting an estimate may be risky as you receive “too-good-to-be-true” deposit plans. So, look out for warning signs when choosing your moving company. This way, you safeguard yourself from unreliable movers and identity theft scams. Red flags may include low bids with too good to be true cost, large deposits of the estimate before the move, unprofessionalism of the moving company.

4.   Make Sure the Business Is Licensed and Insured

When you’re done comparing severalquotes and you’ve gotten the mostreliable ones, the next step is to check that they are legitimate, by asking for a company’s license and reading up their insurance policy. Usually, the Department of Transportation allocates a specific license number to all movers in the US.So, if you’re relocating,make sure to verify movers through the DOT database. An interstate or cross-country move will also require that you verify the movers through the FMCSA database. The best part, this government database provides you with the insurance plan of each agency.

5.   Check with the BBB

The BBBprovides you with validcritiquesand track record about moversnear youYearly, the BBB receives numerouscomplaints and reviews about movers. Plus, the majority of these businesses with unresolved and unanswered complaints leave nothing to the imagination with their “F’ rating. TheBBBpresents you with online client reviews, help you know company ratings and other vital informationyou need on a business.

The best part, BBB offers these services for free. So, no matter your location, finding important information on the moving agency you want to use is easy. Just input the company name, or search by location.This method helps if you need a specific service but don’t have a particularcontractor in mind. If the mover’sinformation are unavailable on the BBB database, consider finding new professionals.

6.   Ask About Professional Accreditation

Accreditations add credibility to a business, build customer loyalty, and attracts new customers. Some reputable big-brand movers know this and try to make their business as credible as they can. Some even show their professionalism through professional accreditations they receive from trade bureaus like BBB. When hiring professionals for your in-state or cross-country move, choosefrom those companies that have approved accreditation seals from reputable trade companies in the US.

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7.   Verify the Address

Today, every business, both large-scale and small businesses has an address they use in receiving customers. Bit, did you know that not all address info is legitimate? Many scam moving agencies provide customers with fake addresses that are not recognized by the BBB or FMCSA. Verifying the mover’s address ensures that the information is authentic and accurate. Ask the agency for the company’s card, then check thewebsite online to verify that the address is correct and also listed on the phone book. Verifying the address also tells you if the address is registered in the company name and never a personal or residential name.

8.   Get Estimates

Moving estimate will give you an idea of the price of getting professional help. Are you thinking to relocate?Research your possiblecontractors and request in-person quotes. A step like this will help you find professionals within your financial estimate.When movers ask for money to send in moving quotes, they may not be reliable, and this factor can be considered a red flag.

9.   Get Everything in Writing

Male sure to solidly contract terms and get them written. Understand that moving contracts and their terms differ. Likewise, the insurance policy differs as some insurance plans may cover the full-replacement option and others will not. Learn about the difference and once you agree to the terms, get a written contract of agreed tears between you and the agency. This way, you can safeguard yourself and your household equipmentwhen relocating.

10.   Find the Experts You Need

If you’rethinking about how to choose a long distance moving company, find the right professionalsto offer you the specialized services you need. Do you have large home appliances? Enormous musical instruments like the piano? Exercise gears? Recreational tools like the pool table? For most of these items, not all movers can offer the specialized help you need. Consider finding the experts you need to transport your belongings. 


Choosing good movers can be challenging as you need to look out for red flags and other necessary factors like license, insurance plan, business name and business address. But, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With these tips on how to pick a good moving company near you, find professional agencies that will help make relocating to your new place easy.