Important Things to Know About Bunion Treatment in Singapore

Bunions are very common, but that doesn’t mean they’re not an awful experience. If you’ve got one, consider yourself lucky to be living in Singapore – it’s the best place in the world to access effective bunion treatment.

This sums up the first important fact about bunion treatments in Singapore: there is literally no point anywhere else on earth where people have greater access to top-quality foot care than here. The high standard of healthcare available means that if you take your feet seriously and want to treat your condition correctly, you need to look no further than this tiny island nation.

What Can a Bunion Do?

There’s a reason so many say ‘blessed are the peacemakers’ bunion pain can be an actual trial. Bunions get formed from the big toe pushing against the second one, causing it to angle inwards and eventually touch the adjacent toe firmly enough to cause pain, redness and inflammation. If you’re experiencing this problem, consider undergoing bunion treatment in Singapore. It’s a complex condition to live with because it can worsen over time if untreated.

What Causes Bunions?

The root problem of many cases is hereditary: if your mother or father have had their toes crushed by their shoes in their lives, there’s a good chance you’ll develop bunion problems as well. In other cases, wearing ill-fitting footwear may contribute to deteriorating foot health and encourage the formation of bunions.

What Makes Them So Unique?

Singapore is not the only place where people have access to high-quality foot care – but if your bunion is terrible enough, you may be at the stage where you need something more than regular treatments. To get rid of even severe cases of bunion treatment in Singapore, surgery is often necessary. Advanced bunion surgery requires a significant outlay of specialist time and equipment, so getting it done on home soil is an absolutely straightforward decision for anyone who can afford to do so.

Important Things to Know About Bunion Treatment in Singapore 2

What’s Involved in Advanced Bunion Treatment?

When surgery is recommended as part of a patient’s treatment plan for their bunion condition, they’re likely to be given a date on which they’ll sign some paperwork. For quality bunion treatment in Singapore, visit some surgeons before heading into the theater itself. The surgical procedure is actually a relatively short one, but it’s often done as an outpatient procedure so patients can go home the same day.

Recovery time is usually short and painless, with most people being able to resume their everyday activities within two or three weeks after surgery. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind post-surgery if you want to make sure your bunion stays gone for good:

  • Wear comfortable shoes that allow your feet plenty of room to move – avoid anything too restrictive.
  • Take things easy for the first few weeks after surgery; don’t overdo it!
  • Keep your feet clean and dry at all times.
  • Keep a close eye on your feet for signs of infection, which is unlikely but not impossible.
  • Let your doctor know if you develop localized or unexplained pain in the area around your bunion. This could show that the operation didn’t work correctly.

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