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Racing games have a broad history on the platform of the 80s, possibly even before. Need for speed to classical from midtown madness are out there to explore. Bike games is a designation that sets you in control of a vehicle as you try to overreach the competition to place first at the finishing line. This is our definition of a racing game and we think it’s quite reasonable.

The best racing games on PC confirm that gaming on laptops and computers are the greatest way to virtually recreate the racing experience and the computer is awash with racing brilliant games from a variety of classification.

These games like bike games or motorcycle games are for enjoyment but they also decrease stress, enhance concentration, and enhance hand-eye collaboration. Furthermore, they are also responsible for improving our managerial skills.

List Of Best Racing Games For PC 

The list of best racing games you can play on PC today, online as well as offline is below:

  1. Forza Horizon 5
  2. Dirt Rally 2
  3. Forza Motorsport 7
  4. Project CARS 2
  5. iRacing
  6. F1 2020
  7. Assetto Corsa Competizione
  8. TrackMania 2
  9. MotoGP 18
  10. rFactor 2
  11. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit
  12. My Summer Car
  13. Grand Prix 3
  14. RaceRoom Racing Experience
  15. GRID Autosport
  16. Driver: San Francisco
  17. Burnout Paradise Remastered

List Of Best Racing Games For Mobile Users

  1.  Asphalt 9: Legends
  2.  Traffic Rider
  3.  Mario Kart Tour
  4.  F1 Mobile Racing
  5.  CSR Racing 2 – Car And Drag Racing Game
  6.  Need For Speed: No Limits
  7.  Hill Climb Racing
  8.  Real Racing 3
  9.  Top Speed: Drag and Fast Racing 3D
  10.  Bridge Race 

8 Features People Like To See More In Racing Games

From fun games to cp-op careers challenges, there are many amazing features in a racing game. But rare of them must be in better racing titles. Below are some best features of Racing games that people like to see more. Every racing app is totally free and has no advertising! 

1. Split screen

Spit-screen is still displayed on many racing games. It is strange that this essential but pleasing offline games mode is not available on all comfort releases. For example, the latest F1 game – F1 2016 by Codemasters doesn’t feature a split-screen nor does Forza Horizon 3.

The main focus of the racing games is more on the online multiplier but offline contests from the similar console are even quite famous. It does not seem like extreme of a task to fit it into games also, but again we are not racing game designers.

2. Open world

In racing games having an open-world component might seem quite pointless. But, adding a walk-around element would bring added depth and fun to something like Forza Horizon 3 and a glamorous “live the life” element to motorsport titles like Cars project. Imagine jumping out of your GT or F1 car and being able to walk on all sides of the bridge race track, affect your career, and interact with people. GTA v has done well. 

Forza Horizon and other games like that have large maps but they are not fully open world. The most recent F1 game components a motorhome atmosphere but constructing on that element would be really good fun. 

3. Junior categories

The one thing that I really like about  Project CARS’ career mode is the point that you work your way increase by the ranks. It is something GRID Autosport had going for it also. You build your own motorsport path and move via the championship just like in the real life.

Some motorsports games don’t follow this, especially the offline F1 games. Imagine having the possibility of racing in GP2 and GP3 before F1, Like in Motorsport Manager having to battle your way to the top but you are the driver.

4. Flashback

Might be this confirms what a trash racing gamer I am, but having the opportunity to fast forward in a replay and go back to a time before your car was demolished by a wall or a barrier is a lifesaver.

Flashback saves much time and makes games more affordable for not-so-talented or new players. Many bike games that contain something like this give the option to switch it off also.

5. More historic content

The main focus of many racing games with no wifi is on the exciting and exotic bikes & cars of the modern era. But few of them really include a broad range of historic automotive machines.

If it is an F1 game where you can drive usual cars from the 50s, or a street racing title that would be fun with added 60s performance metal, it had added a new and nice component to these types of games.

6. Random mini-challenges

Many games have no features like these where you depart from the storyline but at the advantage of your progress or career. Something like top Gear Car Football in Forza Horizon4 is a great example of the “Bucket List” challenges in  Forza Horizon 3. These kinds of non-racing characteristics can be fun and mix things up, making things slighter boring.

For example, in the career mode of the F1 game, it’d be impressive if a press discussion come up where you could enhance or worsen your reputation by relying on your answers.

7. Damage (in general)

By saying this I mean not only more real car damage but also on the tracks and maps. Racing games need to learn that hitting a light pole of the street, or tire stack will move, bring or destroy those things. It won’t totally stop the car. 

8. More interaction

Racing games with a map or open-world element have more interaction with real-life components like people, houses, businesses, and buildings. Maybe this is a quite niche appeal, but it’d add something new to games. One example is the Need for speed. 

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