Advantages of studying from NCERT books for class 8

Class 8th is generally considered to be the most crucial stage in the educational voyage of a student. The curriculum of class 8th is generally the stepping stone for the foundation of a student’s preparation for his/her class 9th and 10th board examination, as well as the further higher classes. Therefore it is important to have a clear idea about the basics and fundamentals which are included in the topics of class 8th. 

For every academic session, the Central Board of Secondary Education or CBSE introduces a new exam syllabus before the commencement of the academic year. Keeping the latest syllabus released by CBSE under consideration, the NCERT develops and publishes textbooks to the students of primary and secondary level classes.

 The books which are developed and produced by NCERT or the National Council of Education, Research and Training are found to be immensely useful for the students from the CBSE board. The materials which are included in these books efficiently cover the entire CBSE curriculum and focus mainly on the fundamentals thereby helping the students to build a strong foundation for their succeeding stages of education. The preparations of the NCERT textbooks are guided by the respective subject experts, who try to provide the students with comprehensive and well-formulated study materials. Comparatively, these NCERT books hold great advantages over other texts-books available, with the help of which the students can get ready for their board exam preparations. As per the topper’s advice, the textbooks of NCERT are the best study material.

NCERT books

Therefore the NCERT books and solutions are the most reliable source of learning for CBSE students of class 8 and the other higher standards. The objective of the NCERT textbooks is to help the students get a crystal-clear understanding of the fundamentals of the basic concepts included in the chapters of the curriculum. Thus, for the students of CBSE boards the NCERT Books for Class 8 All Subjects is found to be the key for their better performance in the examination. 

There are some advantages of the NCERT textbooks which make them stand out in the book market. Briefly, they are:

Genuine information:

The National Council of Education, Research, and Training is responsible for preparing its textbooks under the supervision and guidance of expert teachers and trainers who perform extensive research and the topics that are included in the chapters of each subject. Also, the CBSE Solutions which are prepared by NCERT undergo a series of scrutinization by the professional teachers after which they are sent for publishing. Thus, without a doubt the NCERT Textbooks are the best resource for preparing for any examinations, be it Boards or any competitive exam. 

A simplified breakdown of complex topics: The NCERT textbooks are designed and developed in such a manner that it covers every necessary concept with a clear explanation of each, which can be easily grasped by any student irrespective of their intelligence level. Also, the books are intended to clear the doubts of the students and also polish their basics pretty well. 

Adherence to the CBSE Curriculum:

The NCERT books are best suited for the students studying on the CBSE board, as it adheres to the CBSE curriculum. A thorough reading of the NCERT textbook will help a student deeply learn the topics and get a clear vision of the concept which will be helpful while appearing for examinations. Thus, a student can perform and score better if he/she sticks to the NCERT books.

Simplicity in its language:

The NCERT textbook delivers the concepts in simple language such that a student can clearly visualize and understand them. Thus, this is a very important feature of NCERT books that is helpful to the students to understand what they are actually studying pretty well.

Example questions provided for practice:

At the end of each chapter, there are example questions provided which aim to help the student analyze their own thoughts regarding the chapter they have studied, and develop an understanding regarding the same. The Exercise questions of NCERT include a series of objective as well as subjective questions which are meant to be solved by the student for additional practice. There is a series of difficulty of these questions, which ranges from simple to difficult, thereby preparing the student to face any sort of question that they might have to face in their examination. 

Time-saver during the time of preparing for examinations:

Due to the comprehensible presentations of the NCERT textbooks, they are helpful in saving a lot of time during the time of preparations for examinations. These books are responsible for students to grasp any difficult and complex topics pretty well and making their doubt-solving process quite easier. 

Thus summing up, the National Council of Education, Research and Training or NCERT are often the saviours to the students in the process of their educational journey. Well, there is no harm in referring to additional supplementary books or the reference books which are available in the market, but NCERT books are quite the better players in the game of delivering better modes of education to the children. Hence, students who face difficulties and often get stuck in understanding a subject can refer to the study materials provided by NCERT for a better understanding of each particular subject.

Also, from the standard of 9th, every student gets ready for their regarding any of the competitive examinations. Thus books that are developed by NCERT are often advised to be followed while preparing for examinations of the state PSCs, MPSC Exams, UPSC, Civil Services Exams, Railways Exams, Bank Exams, and other various competitive examinations which one wants to appear for. 

Hence, the smartest decision ever made by any student is to follow and refer to the NCERT textbooks, as these books are well prepared in accordance with the latest events and are involved in major parts of any competitive examination.

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