3 Ways to Use Facebook for Marketing & Grow Your Brand Using Social Media

When it comes to social media, Facebook is the biggest platform with over 1 billion users. That’s a whole lot to people you can connect with! Facebook has also always been a staple in marketing, but now it’s being integrated into brand strategy more than ever before. You have to be on Facebook if you are promoting your business because that’s where all of your customers are spending their time online. And when people want to find out information about your company, they go right to Facebook. Some other brands might disagree, but let me tell you why I feel so strongly about having an active presence on Facebook.

My reasoning for this article is because there are tons of companies who have created “Facebook pages” but not many advertise them or treat them like a company page. 

First, let’s start with why you should even have a Facebook page for your business?

Reason 1: It’s Free!

You heard me right! Facebook is free! Although some users try to buy Facebook page likes for having the audience’s attention, you don’t need to buy an ad or put any money into Facebook to create an account and set up a personal profile or “brand” page. This is the best reason of all because if you are on this platform, you can create content that will be seen by more people than anywhere else online. Again, I think one of the problems a lot of companies run into with their Facebook presence is they treat it as a vanity project and not as part of marketing strategy. When starting out make sure you go for engaging and quality content and offering your audience something of value.

Reason 2: Facebook has become the best platform for instant news!

When I say “news,” I mean it in a broad sense. People like to use Facebook as their main source if they want to find out what’s going on in the world, and what’s happening to their favorite brands. If you have an active Facebook page that is constantly providing interesting posts, then people will be more likely to turn to you when they’re looking up information about your company or industry online. And this isn’t just limited to traditional companies. It also applies to small businesses and start-ups too! The more coverage you get from other sources, the better chance I’ll have at getting recognition for your brand.

Reason 3: A large social media presence is a must!

You can have the most amazing website on the planet, but if you don’t have an active Facebook page, then your company will get looked over. We all know how quickly news spreads online. And when people are talking about brands, they go right to Facebook. That’s where everyone spends their time these days scrolling through their wall and seeing what other people are up to in their lives. Don’t be shy! Be part of that action by showing what your company is doing on your business Facebook page! It’s no longer optional for businesses to use some form of social media presence these days because it’s essential for branding strategies.

So now that we established why you should be on Facebook, now let’s talk about how you can make it work for your marketing and grow your brand using social media.

3 Ways to Use Facebook For Marketing & Grow Your Brand Using Social Media:

1. Build a Community!

This is the most important part of being on any social media platform – creating a community of people who have a genuine interest in what you have going on. So if you want to “grow” your business or brand then start by building that foundation first with having an engaged audience. Give them something to come back for and create a conversation with them so they’ll feel more connected with your business.

Don’t just post sales offers all day long, but share real content from other trustworthy sources that will get people talking. This will allow you to be seen in a different light and attract more people who will want to follow your page because they see your brand as one that is “real” and not just trying to sell them something.

2. Post Often! Post Thoroughly!

When it comes to social media, engagement is key. So when creating posts on your Facebook business page, take the time to put thought into what you want to post about and how you word everything so that it’s very engaging for prospects to read through. And when I say “engaging”, I mean wanting people to at least share it with their friends even if they don’t like or comment on it; this way you can get seen by more people who didn’t see it on their newsfeed!

3. Don’t Give Up!

Like any other marketing strategy, you need to keep trying new things until you find what works best for your business. You can try creating different types of posts with different content or use specific hashtags with your post that will help people discover your page when searching through their newsfeeds. Try A/B testing different social media campaigns to see which one converts the most customers for your brand.

To put it all in perspective, Facebook has become more than just a successful social media platform today; it’s become part of our culture and is now an essential tool used in many businesses’ strategies for generating leads and sales online. With over 1 billion people using Facebook on a daily basis, it’s no question why you need to have your business there.


It’s very simple, but oftentimes overlooked; the more views and interactions you get from other people on your page, the higher chance you’ll be seen by those same people as a brand they want to check out. The more you post about your company, the better chance you have of being viewed positively because you care enough to keep posting content rather than just doing only basic tasks every now and then.

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