How to make your 1bhk flat look good?

Home is considered to be the place in which you spend the most of your time. Since you will have to spend most of the time in this particular place it is important for creating a beautiful Ambience so that you get a positive Vibe out of this. Even if you live in a 1 BHK flat it is your duty to make it look good so that it is not only attractive but also you enjoy spending time there.


 Keeping this factor into consideration this article will discuss the important type of methods that will enable your 1bhk flat to look good. This is a kind of renovation tip that you can easily incorporate in your 1 BHK flat for making it look more attractive.

Tips for a quick makeover

The list of the most affordable and quick makeover techniques for your 1 BHK flat has been given in the following way.


Paint your walls

One of the most important methods with the help of which you can make your flat look more beautiful is to paint the walls of your flat with the colours of your choice. If you do this automatically the look of your rooms along with your Living area changes.


You can even select contrasting Colours for adding to the beauty of the entire building. You can definitely paint your walls and at the same point of time that looks pretty amazing. This is the cheapest method that you can try for giving a new look to your flat.


Add furniture

In order to make your flat look more authentic and attractive you can add different types of furniture to it. In other words, you can add amazing types of beds and other sofas to make it look more beautiful and comfortable.


This furniture consists of couches and bean bags as well that will make your flat look more amazing. Coffee tables and lamp tables can also be added to your flat for increasing the utility. You can also add other type of commodities like a dining table and even a swinging table for the purposes of entertainment.


Install artefacts

You can definitely decorate your 1bhk flat with the help of affordable artefacts which are easily available in the marketplace. You can add beautiful artefacts like photo frames and wind Chimes. At the same point of time you can also add amazing types of beautification material.


It is important to mention that this is the perfect kind of example of different designs that you can install at your place. Other type of materials like table light stands including colourful mugs and cups are additional types of material that you can add to your place. It is considered to be the best type of material that you can ever find at your place.


 Install lights

Another important method of making your flat look good is the installation of beautiful LED lights. It is important to mention that there are so many kinds of Amazing lights available in the marketplace. You can buy chandeliers and projector lights to make your Living room more attractive.


You can also install amazing projector twinkling lights for creating a perfect Ambience at night. Golden light is considered to be the best type of light which can be installed in living areas and even your bedroom for creating a cosy feeling. These LED lights are available at a very reasonable cost in the marketplace. You can definitely choose the specific design according to your preference and install them at your place. Do not forget to discuss it with your flat and flatmates in Bangalore so that you can enjoy living in the perfect place.


Install less space consuming container

Since 1 BHK flat is a very small place to live in it is advisable to install less space consuming containers so that they occupy the least amount of space. It is always advisable to keep very little furniture in a 1bhk flat so that a sufficient amount of space is created.


In fact even in the kitchen a modular format must be followed so that less space is occupied in order to make the flat look more spacious. This is the best type of space in which you can actually be comfortable and get the maximum type of comfort.



So ultimately after following these entire guidelines you can design your own 1 BHK flat in the best way. At the same point of time you can also try to to include other types of options at your choice provided the same is in your budget. Take help from your flatmates in Bangalore and enjoy giving a fresh look to your home.

So technically this is the best method in which you can get an affordable look in the minimum amount of time. You can definitely follow these amazing designs and incorporate the same in your 1bhk flat so that you get a perfect dream home to live in.