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In the AZ-900 Exam, Foundational knowledge is required for the candidate about the cloud services and how the cloud services are provided with Microsoft Azure. Cloud concept, Azure workload, privacy in Azure and security and Azure support and rate’s knowledge providing opportunity can get to the candidate by the exam of Azure Fundamentals. Azure Fundamentals Candidate should be well aware of general technology concepts, which includes the concepts of storage, app support, and app development, and Networking concepts.

Azure Fundamentals can be learned or studied for other certifications, but it is not necessary to study this for other certification exams. AZ-900 certification doesn’t have any expiry date on it like other certifications that that need renewal in 18 months, etc.

Updated Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 Exam Prep | Marks4sure 1


Syllabus to be covered for AZ-900 Certification:

There are five major areas covered in the preparation of Azure Fundamentals as Follows

1.      Describe Cloud Concept (20 – 25%)

2.      Describe Core Azure Services (15 – 20%)

3.      Describe Core Solutions & Management Tools on Azure (10 – 15%)

4.      Describe General Security & Network Security Features (10 – 15%)

5.      Describe Azure Cost Management And Service Level Agreements (10 – 15%)

Describe Cloud Concept:

For using Cloud Services, its consideration and the identification of benefits are needed. Infrastructure, software, and platform as a service description, whereas the shared responsibility model is also described and the type of service used in such a case is identified. Cloud Computing type’s difference is described, which includes the description of every type of cloud and comparison between the three types of the clouds (Public, Private & Hybrid).

Describe Core Azure Services:

The Architectural Components of the core Azure are Described. This includes the description of the benefits and usages of zones availability, resources groups, groups of management, region and region pairs. It describes the benefit and usage of subscriptions and Azure resource managers and explains the Azure Resources.

Azure having Core resources also described which defines or explains the benefits and use of Virtual Networks, Virtual Machines, Azure Virtual Desktop, Azure Container Instances, Virtual Network Peering and VPN Gateway, etc.

It describes the usage and benefits of Azure Marketplace.

Describe Core Solutions & Management Tools On Azure:

In Azure, the core solutions are described. This includes explaining the benefits and usage of the HDInsight, Azure Database, IOT Centrals, and IoT Hubs. It also describes the benefits of serverless computing solutions, Azure Machine learning, Cognitive Services and Azure Bot Services, etc.

Management tools of Azure are described, including the working and usage description of Azure Monitor, Azure Advisor, Azure Health Service, Azure Powershell, Azure portal, Azure Resource Manager, and Azure mobile App, etc.

Describe General Security & Network Security Problem:

Azure Security features are described, including policy compliance, security alert, and hygiene resources the basic feature of Azure center is described. Key Vault, Azure Sentinel, and Azure dedicated Host, etc. usage and working are described.

Azure Network security described including the concept of defense in depth and function and usage of azure DDOS protection, Azure Firewall, and NSG.

Describe Azure Cost Management And Service Level Agreements:

In this, the planning method of cost and managing method of cost is described. The affecting factors for the cost and the factors that are reducing cost and at the end the pricing calculator and TCO calculator’s working and usage are described.

AZ-900 Exam Certification Summary:

The exam code is AZ-900, and the name of the exam is Azure Fundamentals.

The price of the Exam is 99 US Dollars, and the number of questions in this paper is 40 to 60.

Passing marks required are 70% (700 out of 1000 marks)

Paper time is of 60 mins, and the books for training are as follows those can consult:

AZ-900T00-A: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

AZ-900T01-A: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals. 

You can also visit Marks4sure.com website for exam preparation, and it will provide you with a complete guide of AZ-900 exam certification study guide and other basic notes material.

How Hard The AZ-900 Exam is:

It’s not a joke; it is because it is the fundamental Exam. When you start the course and consult the material you will get to know how arduous a task it is. If you have a strong IT background and grip on it then you may go through the contents lightly fast as per others. All it needs is to stay focused and be committed. And after some hard work you will be able to qualify for AZ-900 exam certification.

Is AZ-900Exam Certification Sufficient:

This is part of the Azure world, so you may consider it, but this does not mean that it will directly lead to a job that you were thinking of.  Azure Architect and Overtime are good options after this, or if you are already doing the job of IT, then it will be helpful for you to deal with the fundamentals of Azure and have good conversations with peers. 

How To Prepare For AZ-900 Exam Certification?

It takes almost a few hours a week for two to three months, if you are dedicated enough to make your preparations for AZ-900 Exam certification.

You can prepare your study schedules, and you can follow Azure Fundamental learning path, such as:

  1. Create a free account.
  2. Read Azure service overview.
  3. Practice on your own with Azure Quickstarts.
  4. Monitor your regular progress with the skills outlined.
  5. You should also take practice exams.
  6. Attend online lectures.
  7. Follow different groups related to AZ-900 exam guides.
  8. Learn different pdf files, AZ-900 exam dumps and other lecture material.
  9. Visit different websites to learn AZ-900 study guides.
  10. You can also follow the Marks4sure.com website in this regard.

It will definitely improve your learning, and you will be able to prepare quickly and correctly for AZ-900 exam certification.


The AZ-900 exam certification is an updated certification related to the Azure field, and it can improve your career, so if you want to update your future goals, it can assist you do so. Also, AZ-900 will update your resume, and it can also improve your skills related to Microsoft and Azure fundamentals.