Malls are always open to everyone to shop and enjoy themselves. However, certain things like accidents can still occur. According to Louis Law Group, a South Florida-based slip and Fall Accident Insurance Claim Firm, wet and slippery floors or debris-filled parking lots could result in accidents in malls.

How would a lawyer help your mall accident insurance claim?

A lawyer’s role in getting you a fair settlement after a mall accident cannot be ignored. Your lawyer would leave no stone unturned in getting the insurance company to pay what you deserve, from demanding a certain sum to ensuring that sum is granted. 

Below are some steps your lawyer would take:

Gathering of Evidence: Without concrete evidence, proving that you are deserving of a claim would be quite difficult. Your lawyer knows this, and that is why they would go to any lengths to gather evidence. This evidence would include medical reports showing that your injuries were as a result of the accident and the effects of such injuries on your overall performance, police reports, eye witnesses’ statements, and any other evidence that could be helpful in your claim would not be left out too.

Negotiations: Your lawyer would be ready to negotiate terms with the insurance company on your behalf. This does not mean that they would just settle for anything. Negotiations aim to reach an agreement that is favorable to you without having to go to court. Once your lawyer demands a sum after considering the extent of the injuries you sustained from the mall accident and how suitable that compensation would be, they expect the insurance company to accept and pay. If they do not, then there would be no hesitation in going to court. 

Lawsuit if necessary: If the insurance company is proving difficult and trying to avoid your settlement, your lawyer would not hesitate to take the case to court if that will get your compensation. Most times, the insurance company would not even want the case to get to court, so they would rather settle.

Your lawyer would ensure your compensation accurately represents your injuries: One major complication of most accident claims is getting the compensation that is truly worth the injuries and pain from the accident. Sadly, insurance companies try to underplay the extent of the injuries. This is why you need a lawyer that would present your injuries just as they are and get you the compensation that is fit for such injuries. Your lawyer would consider the effect of the injuries in the present and look at their long-term impact when deciding on the settlement.

Your lawyer would follow up your claim: A significant role of your lawyer in your insurance claim is ensuring that your settlement gets to you. They would ensure that the insurance company does not just make empty promises about the payment.

How long would it take to get your mall accident insurance claim?

Because a mall accident is different from some other accidents where it is easy to determine who is at fault, getting your mall accident insurance claim approved might take a while. Whether or not it happens fast is dependent on the following factors:

It is only expected of you to be curious about how long it would take before you are given your insurance claim. The duration depends on some factors:

The extent of the injuries: When pursuing a mall accident insurance claim, your lawyer would want to know the extent of your injuries, as this would be useful in determining what a befitting compensation would be. The process of evaluating the damages might be quite long since it would involve various medical reports. 

The number of parties involved: Another factor affecting the duration of a mall accident insurance claim is determining the number of parties involved. If there are people other than you involved in the accident, it might take a while to reach an agreement. 

The other party’s readiness to negotiate: This is a significant determinant of the duration of an insurance claim. In some cases, the party at fault admits their fault and begins talk on settlement. However, in most cases, the party at fault and their insurance company will try to reduce or evade the claim, elongating the process.

Protect your rights by getting a Lawyer 

Suppose you are a victim of a mall accident. In that case, one of the best things you could do for yourself is to protect your rights. This can only be done with the services of a competent lawyer. It would be dangerous of you to claim a settlement from a mall accident all by yourself. If you do, you would only be making yourself a prey of insurance companies because, just as stated by this Lawyer Roll article,, most victims lose their compensation when they cannot prove that the other party is indeed at fault.