Understanding Plumbing Fundamentals

 Plumbing leaks waste 1 trillion gallons of water each year in the United States. That’s equal to 40 million pools. You can solve some of the most stubborn leak problems with a wrench and a few plumbing principles. In this post, we’ll break down the intricate network of pipes into its most fundamental components. You’ll learn when to do it yourself and when to hire a plumber, as well as how to tell the two apart.

Basics of House Plumbing: The Water Supply System

A water supply system is a network of pipes that transports clean water into the home. The mechanism is exceptionally pressure-sensitive. These pipes get their water from one of two places:

  •   Water from the city
  •   Wells

Water from the city enters your home through a massive pipe known as “the main pipe,” which runs parallel to your street. If you have an issue with your connection to the main, contact an expert. Civil actions and heavy fines might arise from damage to the main.

People who do not have city water frequently rely on wells for their freshwater supply. After that, high-pressure water must be pushed into the house. Reduced pressure prevents water from reaching your home’s highest and farthest points.

The first victims of reduced pressure are frequently running showers and faucets. Stress is affected by a variety of factors, including leaks and obstructions. If a faulty connection causes the leak, it’s simple to fix at home.

On the other hand, if the leak demands re-piping, you should contact a professional plumber. More plumbing issues you should leave to a plumber can be found here.

Your water meter is connected to the main pipe. A shutdown valve is located either before or after your meter. When performing repairs, the valve shuts off the water supply system.

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