Why Electric Scooters Are Becoming So Popular

Electric scooters have taken the world into storms. In fact, only in 2018, 5 million units of e-scooter were sold worldwide. And with the pandemic condition, the sales of electric scooters have gone up massively as more people opt for personal utility vehicles.

But have you ever wondered why electric scooters sale are on boom recently?

The main reasons for the popularity of the electric scooter include its practical design, eco-friendliness, user convenience, faster acceleration, improved battery performance, etc. Today, we will look deeply into these top reasons for the e-scooter’s massive popularity.

If you are an environmentalist, it would surely please you to see the massive popularity of electric scooters. It has stormed into the mainstream commuting world during the past few years. Also, many predict it is the future of transportation.

From university students to many blue and white-collar workers, everyone opts for the e-scooter to reach their destination faster and safer nowadays. But, what makes e-scooter so popular?

Let’s see the reasons.

Electric scooters are economical:

One of the key advantages of an e-scooter is its economic and budget-friendly expense. Firstly, the e-scooter runs on a battery with electric charges. It is way cheaper than traditional gasoline or petrol used in cars, buses and other vehicles. In fact, an e-scooter will only require 15% of the running cost of a petrol-based vehicle.

But that’s not all. You will hardly need to pay for parking lots and congestion charges. So, it further saves your money. You may easily fold the e-scooter and store it under your work desk. So, it is free of any parking cost. These low running costs truly work in favor of e-scooter.

Why Electric Scooters Are Becoming So Popular 1

Zero-emission and eco-friendliness:

The 21st century has seen a surge of environmentalism. More and more people are concerned about saving the environment to reduce the effect of climate change and global warming. Consequently, people look for a safer medium of transportation to stop climate change.

With their zero-emission and eco-friendly design, electric scooters have put ticks in these checkboxes. So, people are opting for it to protect the environment. It has zero emissions so that it won’t pollute the air and environment. It also saves the environment from fumes and noises to become a leading eco-friendly vehicle out there.

Budget-friendly compared to electric cars:

Many American states and European countries are encouraging people to use electric vehicles. For instance, the UK has already banned petrol and diesel-based automotive after 2030. So, people will have to choose an electric vehicle.

Yes, electric cars have come a long way. In fact, by 2023, the sale of e-cars might surpass the actual sale of petrol cars. But that’s a catchy phrase since electric cars and SUVs will remain out of the budget for most people.

Thus, with their budget-friendliness, electric scooters have emerged to fill up the void perfectly. You can get a good-looking, high-performing, quality electric scooter for less than $1000. Also, it combines with the low running cost to offer one of the most pocket-friendly commuting mediums of all time.

The changing urban trend:

The 20th century has seen great popularity of big daddy cars with their lifted and aggressive design. People preferred bigger cars and SUVs to express their daily commuting and transportation style. But, with the advent of the 21st century and due to the urge to protect the planet, this urban trend of using bigger cars has changed dramatically.

Nowadays, people opt for eco-friendly electric vehicles for urban transportation. In this regard, an electric or hybrid car is a great addition. But it is still not a practical solution with its expensiveness. Thus, the e-scooter has become a better alternative.

Also, urban people consider a space-saving compact design for their commuters to save land required for roadways and parking lots. With its compact and foldable design, the electric scooter has met the requirement with perfection.

User-friendly design:

Last but not least, electric scooters are highly user-centric. So, it is easy to ride with intuitive and easy controls. From the cruiser speed settings to anti-theft alarms and quick 3-step foldable design, the e-scooter has a truly user-friendly design.

Also, riding an e-scooter doesn’t require much effort compared to pedal-assisted electric bikes. Next up, you don’t need much time to learn the art of riding an electric scooter. Thus, teenagers and adults can learn to ride an e-scooter within a few sessions. It won’t require any driving license to ply the vehicle on the roads. All these features truly account for the popularity of electric scooters.

Final Words

Electric scooters are user-friendly, eco-friendly, lightweight, portable, and easy to ride. So, it’s no wonder why many people have chosen electric scooters as their primary commuting medium. It is also expected that the sale of e-scooter will grow around 8.4% annually in the future. So, it’s time you opt for this popular transportation medium and catch up with the progressing world.

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