5 Custom Outdoor Signs to Personalize Your Restaurant.

It’s said that we eat with our eyes, which is true in more ways than one. Presentation is part of the dining out experience, and that doesn’t just apply to food. Delicious meals will set a restaurant apart, but atmosphere plays a part in customer satisfaction as well. Eye-catching décor and signage augments the environment and encourages customers to return.

By flexing your creative muscles, you can be informative and entertaining at the same time. Custom outdoor signs are perfect for this. They draw in potential customers while dispensing valuable information.

Custom Really Does Mean Custom

You can use different materials depending on your preference:

  • Steel
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Titanium
  • Bamboo
  • Plastic
  • Acrylic

This allows you to take the elements into account when purchasing. Some materials are better for four seasons while others will hold up well in mostly mild weather. For example, acrylic holds up tremendously well in adverse weather conditions, making it an excellent choice for areas with extreme heat or cold.

There are many fonts and designs to choose from depending on the image you want to project. A more informal diner atmosphere calls for a different font style than a fancier, elegant restaurant. However you choose to present the restaurant, custom outdoor signs give you the flexibility to get your message across.

Health and Safety First

Customers’ and employees’ safety is paramount. Now more than ever, two years into the pandemic, ensuring everyone’s safety should be the top priority. A sign displaying your masking policy such as “Employees must wear masks” or “Please wear a mask until you are seated” will go a long way towards setting your customers’ minds at ease.

Proper handwashing is a given, but a sign proclaiming “Employees must wash hands” shows you take hygiene seriously and is another way to give your customers peace of mind. Since these are custom outdoor signs, if you’re not a fan of that phrasing, you can be more imaginative and have fun with it to get your message across.

Direction is Always Helpful

Have you ever gone out to a restaurant and gotten a bit confused about how to get onto their outdoor patio? Sometimes it’s obvious but at other times it can be a maze, especially if access is only available by going inside the building and weaving through multiple rooms. A sign directing customers to your outdoor seating area (if you have one) eliminates that confusion. Even if garden or patio access is apparent, an artsy sign pointing the way will build anticipation for the dining experience.

Speaking of direction, sometimes it’s not clear where to park. Custom outdoor signs showing your customers where to park can solve that if it’s not immediately obvious. Maybe you share a parking lot with another business but only some spots belong to you, or you have a lot next door or behind your property. Either way, nobody likes to get their vehicle towed away, so showing them where to safely leave their car alleviates that fear.

Custom Outdoor Signs Help Your Customers Remember Who You Are

People remember things like logos and snappy slogans. Instead of racking your brain trying to remember the delicious Italian restaurant where you had dinner recently, it’s easier to recall a slogan, especially if it’s often used in advertising. Ads of all media types feature logos and slogans to help associate their brand with something pleasing to the eye and easy to remember.

Custom outdoor signs displayed prominently at the entrance, or even closer to the road for motorists to see as they drive by, ensures people will keep your restaurant in mind for a future visit if they’re not planning on stopping in today. If you’ve received awards, make sure to showcase those too!

Stand Out from the Crowd

Nowadays competition is fierce. New restaurants pop up all the time and it can be a rough go of it to ensure success. Additionally, old standbys may want a facelift to stay in the game. You want everything to look professional, but not boring. Custom outdoor signs are the perfect final touch for your restaurant to look snappy, creative, and put together.