The demand for dedicated development teams has arisen, especially when finding the right talent across various verticals requires a significant amount of time, effort, and resources. The specialist software development team extends the client’s internal engineering team. We can assist you in establishing your R&D centre in Ukraine and assembling your own branded staff from the ground up, as well as finding engineers to supplement the team. Each squad comprises different professionals, and the composition may vary. Experts such as frontend and backend developers, software architects, project managers, business analysts, designers, QA engineers, security experts, and other professionals may be included in the team as needed.

Despite being an extended version of the organization’s core team, dedicated teams can operate practically independently once the customer shares the needs. Administration, HR, product management, and even infrastructure maintenance resources are part of the devoted team. The formation of dedicated teams saves the organization’s resources and gives the customer’s business a significant boost.

Chudovo is a company that specializes in putting together dedicated teams Ukraine for customers from all over the world. The majority of our customers are from Europe and the United States. Offshore development team centres assist customers in meeting their software development demands, allowing them to provide products with adequate quality faster, save money, plan expenses, and foresee future business orientations.

In today’s world, all industries are evolving and going toward digitalization. Using Chudovo to form your dedicated team is one of the most effective ways to speed up the process. Chudovo is the best choice for your business if you’re seeking a trustworthy partner. We have experience and are adaptable to the needs of our clients. It is possible to hire a single engineer or a whole team of engineers with varying degrees of expertise and specialization. As soon as the customer authorizes the members of the extended development team, they become his full-time workers who work from our office in Ukraine.


We assemble a dedicated team based on the project specifications and your requirements. The recruitment department recognizes qualified technologists and matches you with the best candidates. You may conduct your interviews and approve only those candidates who appear to be a good fit for your dedicated team and project. We do not charge any additional fees for the recruitment process.

Direct communication

You communicate with the engineers directly and manage them in the same way your in-house development team would. Audio/video channels, invitations to the customer’s workplace, and even client visits to the extended team’s location can all be used to build communication.

Cost-effective budgeting

Cost planning becomes simple due to the high visibility into the number of team members and time logs, and future costs can be accurately predicted well in advance. This allows the client to invest their finances in other projects because there is no risk of unexpected or uncontrollable cost increases. Furthermore, it is believed that remote teams save a large amount of money.

Participation of developers

The extended teams’ developers are only focused on the projects allocated by the client. Because the developers are highly qualified and have a strong work ethic, they are interested in producing high-quality products and personal growth. This creates a win-win situation for developers and businesses needing top-tier talent.

Flexibility Dedicated teams offer a wide range of adjustable alternatives, sometimes even more than internal teams. Benefits include inviting the dedicated team to the office, asking about infrastructure or administration facilities, raising the size of the team with little notice, inspecting the dedicated team’s location, and many others. You have complete control over the team, as well as scalability flexibility. You have the option to expand the team and hire more engineers at any time.