Is NumLooker the Best Reverse Email Tool 2022?


NumLooker is arguably one of the top reverse email lookup tools available online. Due to its accurate and reliable information as well as its distinctive features, this tool has received recommendations from numerous websites and users. Offering users a perfect blend of functionality and user-friendliness, NumLooker is often touted as the ‘people’s choice

NumLooker reports have been proven to be obtained from trustworthy sources, and this is understandable, given its access to public service databases. NumLooker consistently ensures that users get accurate information without breaking the bank. 

The reverse email lookup, one of NumLooker’s top services, will be discussed extensively in this article. This online tool can assist users in determining the identity of email senders, and in some cases, the reason for sending these emails especially if the email address is unknown or questionable.

Features of NumLooker

  • By checking the phone numbers of frequent callers, it detects spam calls and telemarketers.
  • The app safeguards privacy and recognizes phone scams.
  • It provides a reverse address lookup service.
  • You can use the reverse email lookup feature.
  • Offers free background checks
  • Court and criminal histories of targets
  • Dating profiles of suspicious callers or emails.
  • Inbound caller identification
  • Information about friends and family
  • Contact details

What is NumLooker

Numlooker is a search website that supplies users with essential information about the identity of callers, or emails. Fundamentally, NumLooker is an identity tool. 

It is a legitimate and reliable platform for performing lookup services. NumLooker can also be said to be a swift and effective search engine that gathers data regarding a specific target.

This online utility is a great resource for individuals who are interested in finding out the identity of email senders. This is often done in a bid to ensure that these emails are spam-free or non-spooky. 

NumLooker online utility also enables its users to find out the phone number, residential address, and a number of other vital information linked to the email address.

What this Email Lookup Tool Offers

An email lookup tool commonly referred to as an “email finder,” enables you to discover a lead’s email address based on their contact details. 

A reverse email lookup is expected to reveal the following details:

  • The verifiable identity of an email sender. 
  • The current address, and both landline and mobile numbers of the sender.
  • Details on every social media profile owned by the sender
  • The legitimacy of an email address with the email sender’s photo.

Conduct Background Checks: Why Should You Use Email Lookup Tools?

There are a ton of reasons why you should consider the use of email lookup tools. Some of these reasons include.

  • Email address validity: The reverse email lookup tool will inform you of the validity of the email address provided.
  • Obtain identity of sender: When a user conducts a search using an email address, the user will obtain data on the target, including verifiable names and other private details.
  • Current address: In addition to former addresses, the email lookup tool will also reveal the target’s current address depending on the tool being used.
  • Contact details: You may find out the contact’s landline number, cellphone number, and a ton of information on how to contact the sender.
  • Background information: An email lookup service will provide users with in-depth information such as dating profiles linked to that email address.  
  • Details regarding social media profiles: When a user conducts a reverse email lookup, they should discover the social media accounts associated with the email address. It’s important however to note that only certain email lookup services possess these features.

Important Factors to Consider When Selecting a Reverse Email Lookup Site

Depending on a user’s needs, there is a truckload of reverse email lookup utilities out there promising impossible reports.

Some of these reverse email lookup utilities are expensive, whereas others provide email service search options. While some require human input for each search, others use bulk search software. The question often boils down to the user’s needs.

Here are some of the factors to consider when selecting a reverse email lookup utility.

  • What am I trying to achieve?: Would you like to create more detailed customer profiles? Do you work alone in hazardous professions? Need enough information about your customers or potential customers.
  • How often must I utilize the service: The sort of pricing strategy you should consider may be impacted by this.
  • The extent to which the results must be exhaustive: This pertains to your lookup goals, especially if managing risk is of importance to you.
  • Is the tool compliant with legal conditions for privacy: The improper technology might make obtaining user data risky for your company.
  • The speed at which results may be generated: Sometimes getting the results is not enough. The speed of generating reports is something that most individuals consider. 
  • Do I need any additional information: Remember that contact information and mailing addresses might act in the same way, so consider whether it is necessary to broaden your query with other tools. Some tools accomplish this, but some don’t.

Considering the six criteria listed above, we chose a tool for this review post, and our top choice is the NumLooker Reverse Email Address tool.

What Are the Limitations of Reverse Email Lookup?

The very first issue would be that webmail addresses may be impossible to authenticate, which is particularly troublesome for promotions. 

  • Performance concerns: If you own an online company and need to quickly validate a large number of clients’ email addresses, this can be quite cumbersome as all emails will have to be inputted one at a time.  
  • The website could be more aesthetically pleasing: While this adds very little to the functionality of the online utility, it helps in more ways than one. Everyone likes an attractive color scheme, so it doesn’t hurt to have a beautiful website that does the job.
  • Certain features may require premium fees: While the bulk of useful information on the NumLooker online utility can be gotten for free, some information is often blurred out in basic search results, requiring a premium fee for inclusions on user reports.


Modern criteria can now be met in new, emerging ways thanks to technology. With a purported increase in email interaction especially in the B2B industries, it makes perfect sense to use reverse email lookup utilities to mitigate the risks associated with email communication.  

NumLooker also offers other rever lookup services ensuring that anyone with an internet-connected smartphone and the ability to access the internet can determine if the proprietors of a phone number or email address are con artists or not.

A reverse email lookup works on the straightforward premise that you enter the email you are looking for, wait while the tool conducts the search, and then get the results. It gives you access to a variety of publicly available data from the internet, including social media, first names, surnames, images, and phone numbers from various countries.