Mini Round Baler.

There are rumors surrounding mini round baler, also called roto baler. This was once a rarity, but many smallholder farmers found it best to keep hay in their barn. Mini round baler practice on the same principle as its older brother, rolling the grass in a room until it reaches a specific size, wrapping the baler with string or net, and throwing it behind the machine. For more information, you can visit Alibaba Blog.


Features of mini rounds baler suitable for the production of pine grass:

  • Twin and net options are available.
  • The minimum operating power is 15 hp, allowing the baler to be used with compact tractors small enough to move between rows of trees.
  • It can fill up to 100 bales per hour (120 of the model folded in a match).
  • Overcrowding counts are adjustable to meet customer needs.
  • The position of the baler in the row allows the baler to be placed between the rows of trees.
  • The mini round baler is about the size of the small square bales most people are familiar with. They usually weigh 40 to 40 pounds [40-55 kg] and can be easily lifted by a single person.

Benefits of Mini Round Baler:

The need for horsepower is shallow. A round baler only requires 15 horsepower to operate.

  • Lightweight. Mini round balers weigh much less than a square. This means they are safer to work on the hills, and tractors of any size can pull them easily.
  • Effortless design. Mini rounds balers are lighter than a square, requiring fewer adjustments and fewer parts to break.
  • Easy operation. Baleric “kicks” up to 90 times per minute. On a small tractor, this constant rotation can be somewhat disturbing.
  • Small size. Mini round baler will fit in the back of the truck. It occupies four times as much space as a square baler when stored.
  • Better weather resistance. If there is a chance that the bales can stay in the field for a long time, mini rounds balers will withstand the rain and dew much better. The net wrap provides a high level of protection.

Buying Guidelines:

Mini round balers increase productivity efficiency and, as a result, increase profits. Every farmer needs to do some math to make sense for the economy to change from handwriting to a small roundabout. The status of each manufacturer is different. Here are some suggestions:

A mini round baler can pack about 2 tons per hour or baler 100-120 on average. This equates to about 270 squares of 15 pounds each.

During an eight-hour workday, a single worker with a 25-horse tractor and a mini rounds baler can produce 900 bales or 16 tons of pressed pine grass. This equates to about 2100 square barrels.

A mini round baler can register up to 25 people in person.