How to Accessorize with Dried Flowers This Summer

It’s finally summertime, the time to bring out those light and airy summer outfits. If you are the one who is looking for some easy methods of preserving different flowers to make cool accessories out of it to wear this summer from dried flowers. Check out our step-by-step guides below for different methods of drying and preserving your flowers. Here are some special accessory ideas to dry and preserve flowers. Drying flowers is the best option for saving your favorite flowers. So what are you waiting for? Fill your home with dried bouquets or dried flower preservation and bring back memories of summer’s bounty. 

Any idea what to do with your Valentine’s Day flowers or wedding bouquet? If not, then here is a tip for what you do if you want to commemorate blooms gifted to you on a special day or occasion. With us, it is so much easier than you may think, we help you create gifts from your bouquet preservation. Let it turns out into making a floral keepsake of your special memories and you could capitalize on the unique flower’s subtle beauty. 

Nowadays, we have all seen the trend of dried flowers because it’s getting popular for wearing on clothing, but they can also be added to many different home decorations. Here are five accessories to wear this summer to stand out in a crowd – and we hope you look chic at the same time. Dried flowers are a great option if you want to wear them for the summer and stay within your budget. Get in touch with Magenta Flowers and get to know what wonders a dried flower unique accessory can do – popular for wearing on clothing, simply dazzles in many different outfits, and has some major staying power. Dried flowers can also be added to many different home decorations. Red and black are always in fashion so it makes sense that dried flowers would be on-trend. There are plenty of designs with different textures available to accessorize this summer by using dried flowers to complement your outfits.

One of the best parts of summertime is that you can wear sundresses and sandals, especially when it’s not scorching hot outside. However, this time around why not wear new accessories like a yarmulke? All you have to do is find a flower necklace or wrist leash to jazz up your outfit this summer season. This pretty summer scarf made from dried flowers is a versatile accessory for modern women. These beautifully colorful pieces add an extra touch to any outfit and if you’re not sure what you want to do with them, never fear – they can be put in your makeup bag, jewelry box, or attached to your belt loops. 

Here is a top-five summer accessory picks from dried flowers:

Sunglasses: Dried flowers of all shapes and sizes are an easy way to create a stylish new pair of shades that’ll keep the sun off your eyes.

Baseball Cap: A floral baseball cap is another way to wear the freshest summer accessory around.

Headband: Make your outfit complete with a headband that features dried flowers as decoration. 

Dried flower pendant necklaces, Small bracelet & Earrings: Looking for some  special gifts to give her check out unique resin flower pendant necklaces, Small bracelet & Earrings accessories designs

Flower crown: Create a boho-inspired all-dried flower crown to make this summer more special.

Costume accessory: Whether you want a fashionable way to show your love for summer this year or you want to treat yourself, fashion has no limits.

Preserved Roses for Interior decoration: Rose arrangement is an art, Interior decoration with flowers has its own charm, some people are using Preserved Roses in interiors because they think flowers are a symbol of love, eternity, vanity, purity, and freshness. 

Hollow Vine Leaf: A typical petal of a wildflower and they provide an easy way to add a pop of color to a summer outfit. You don’t have to try wearing clothes made out of dried flowers (although some great designs can be found this way) – there are plenty of stylish accessories that utilize hollow vine leaves. 

Many people have a tough time deciding what accessories to wear this summer, but with dried flowers, it is easy because they make any outfit look romantic and unique. Take into account current trends like floral prints, bright colors, studded belts, and harem dresses. Magenta Flowers offers beautiful designs of resin accessories that are the perfect go-to with any outfit and are so easy and fun to put together in summer. All you need is a few pieces from your closet – all the colors of one outfit – some flowers (you can buy flowers or simply gather a bunch of leaves off the tree), and some inexpensive accessories that you already have like a scarf, headband, earrings, and maybe one small bracelet. Dress up this summer by putting on accessories that add color and style. The options are endless as well. You can try using dried flowers-in rings, necklaces, earrings, and more while expressing your style.  


As these accessories are made of dried flowers, the items have longer-lasting pieces and can be stored for a long time. The summer season can be a great time to shake up your style, whether you’re after something classic, summery, and beautiful, or plain quirky. Apart from just clothes in the summers, think about the accessories you wear! Magenta Flowers offers accessories online and also provided a few ideas above that you can still give a try this summer. The options range between colors, products, and your preference. There is something for every modern lady on our website! In conclusion, most of the accessories on this list are also popular with other summer fashion trends such as sandals and light-colored clothes. However, if you’re willing to spend a little extra money, these dried flowers work beautifully as headbands and resin flower accessories without looking too much like a costume accessory.