The Significance Of Maintaining And Cleaning Your Sun Shade Sail

As a home owner, installing shade sail is one of the smartest moves to consider. However, installing the shade sail is good investment you need to protect as it protects your home and enhances its value down the line. From promoting the aesthetics of your home to mitigating the cooling and heating bills, the shade sail does it all. 

Need for maintenance:

Even if you install the best-quality sunshade sails at home, it requires regular cleaning and maintenance. With regular maintenance, you can ensure the functionality of the shading structure and allow it to provide full protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun. If you want the shade sail to stay in proper shape down the line and look great, compromising the quality of the shade is necessary. 

Cleaning the shade:

Several things may cause the shade to stain, such bird droppings or wet leaves. So, the moment you notice debris on the shade, try to remove them as soon as you can to clean the surface of the shade sail as the longer they stay, the fabric may absorb the dirt and dust. Read the points to understand the cleanliness routine. 

  • It is necessary to remove mold and mildew from the fabric but when cleaning it, you must avoid hosing it with high pressure water or use brush to remove the dirt and debris. 
  • When cleaning the fabric of the shade sail, you need to avoid using harsh detergent containing chemicals such as halogens to remove the tough stains and dirt. 
  • Use of chlorine water must can cause harm to the fabric of the shade, so avoid using water treated with chlorine and use a mils liquid soap to maintain the cleanliness. 
  • You must look for signs of patches and spots as the former indicates worn out fabric, eventually resulting in tears and big holes. 
  • If you notice on a weak spot on the fabric, try to contact the suppliers and look for the remedies. 
  • You must also notice the edges of the shade sail that are typically layered with bands, so you must avoid looking for loose threads and ask the supplier to repair the fabric. 

Installation tips:

When installing the sun shade sail, you need to keep it away from grills and avoid using barbeques beneath the shade structure. Although the sparks from the fire may not cause harm to the fabric, the smoke may cause soot to form and eventually may cause the fabric to burn down.

Dealing with strong winds:

The sun shade sails can withstand the heat of the sun and protect the outdoor area from mild rain but it is not designed to protect from strong winds. Therefore, when a cyclone, gusts of wind, or a storm alert is issued, you must remove the shade sails immediately. Leaving it under excess rain may cause the water to accumulate and cause the shade sail to sag. 

Installing a shade sail is a smart idea but you need to maintain it for several years to come.  You must appoint professionals and clean the shade regularly and take it down when not in use. 

Choosing the right Sun Shade Sail color

First of all, the choice of your Sun Shade Sail must meet aesthetic criteria, the choice of color is often a headache: should we match the color of the Sun Shade Sail to the garden furniture? To the covering of the terrace? In the color of the joinery? To the shape (square or round)? So many questions that can be a source of debate!

We will have to consider when choosing the color of our Sun Shade Sail two other important criteria:

– What color for an increased lifespan of my Sun Shade Sail?

– What color to best protect me from the sun’s rays?

From an aesthetic point of view, opinions differ: some believe that the Sun Shade Sail should blend in with the exterior decoration and the color should match the colors already present on your terrace. The whole thus constitutes a homogeneous whole.

Others consider the Sun Shade Sail to be a breakthrough in terms of decoration: the color will bring a touch of freshness to the terrace and better place it in the garden.

The aesthetic question remains above all a personal and taste question, the best thing is to listen to your desires and ignore what will be said!

The choice of color may be guided by more “technical” considerations in certain cases. The aging of the canvas, protection against ultraviolet rays or your photosensitivity to light.

The strong sunshine that we have encountered in recent years should be considered when choosing the color of your Sun Shade Sail. Dark colors will fade over time more quickly than light colors. It is essential for dark colors to have a protective cover for your Sun Shade Sail if you do not want it to discolour unevenly (once the Sun Shade Sail is folded up, only certain parts of the canvas are exposed). Likewise, some believe that moonlight can have an effect on the aging of the Sun Shade Sail, so it is best to cover it up when not in use.

We will also favor Sun Shade Sail models whose canvas can be easily replaced. After a few years of use, we will only have to exchange the canvas to obtain a like-new Sun Shade Sail!

Another criterion of choice is photosensitivity. Often forgotten, this aspect is no less important for your comfort. Well installed under your Sun Shade Sail, light colors will let the light pass significantly while dark colors will tend to darken the environment.

Thus, if the terrace is not very well exposed at the times when you are going to enjoy it, we advise you to opt for light colors that keep as much light as possible. Conversely, if your terrace is well exposed or you are very sensitive to light, it will be more relevant to opt for a dark color such as charcoal gray.