Top 6 Tips for a Successful Real Estate Sales Campaign

Real Estate

Promoting your property is an essential part of achieving a successful sale. When putting a property up for sale on the Real Estate market, the secret to success is making the best use of various outreach and advertising tools to showcase your listing to potential buyers.

We have compiled a summary of 6 factors to consider that will help vendors and their agents to undertake a very effective sales campaign.

1. Create a website and online listing

Many customers search online for products or services that they wish to purchase; This is also true in the case of house hunters looking to enter the Real Estate market. Creating an online profile for your property with an established listing directory is an essential step to advertise the upcoming sale. It allows interested parties to see pictures of the exterior and interior of the house, as well as the general floor plan layout and other attributes such as land dimensions and internal area measurements.

Creating a dedicated, stand-alone website for your Real Estate campaign is also a huge benefit if you can afford the extra cost. This would help to drive additional prospective buyers and generate more leads. It also allows the vendor to post additional pictures and details on their property since the custom built website would not need to conform to the stringent templates offered by online property sales sites.

2. Professional Photography

With any property marketing campaign, high quality, enticing photography is a must-have. The first thing a potential buyer would want to see when they look at a Real Estate ad, is the pictures of the property exterior and interior. The best way to make your property stand out and grab the buyer’s attention is to use a professional photographer with experience in capturing the most compelling features.

It is often best to hire a photography studio that specialises in shooting residential and commercial Real Estate. A good quality service will also include professional retouching of the images once they are captured.

If you have the extra budget, shooting some drone photography would add an extra edge to your marketing campaign. Showing an aerial view of the property with the surrounding context could really help to show off the neighbourhood and emphasise the proximity of any near-by amenities like cafes, shops and parks.

3. Artist’s Impressions

For real estate developers intent on advertising and selling upcoming ‘off-plan’ property developments, hiring a professional 3d visualisation studio like Cleanpix Graphics to create a series of life-like artist’s impressions is an essential requirement. Since the property does not yet exist or is partially built, it is not yet possible to present photos of the finished product that is being offered.

A set of high quality photorealistic exterior and interior 3d renders will do wonders in showing off the best architectural and lifestyle features of the property, marketing the full potential of the forthcoming development and helping to spark the imagination of any potential buyers.

4. Home styling and staging

Employ a professional home stylist or interior designer to stage the home before prospective buyers turn up for open house inspections. Home styling helps to remove interior clutter and de-personalize the space. A professional stylist will also be able to give advice on current home decor trends and temporarily remove unwanted furnishings and accessories to storage while replacing them with fresh, fashionable hired items.

Try to arrange the home styling prior to taking photos of the property that will be used for the listing. That way, you will get the best value from this exercise.

For vendors on a budget, merely tidying up the interior of the home and the exterior garden can still make a huge difference. On the inside try to remove superfluous amounts of knick-knacks and decor, as well as hiding items like kitchen appliances from counter tops and personal hygiene items like shampoos and medicines in the bathrooms. Outside, give the bushes a bit of a trim, mow the lawns and remove and dead leaves. A few bags of fresh mulched wood chips in the garden beds will help to create the appearance of a well tended garden.

Recent figures suggest that effective property styling can help boost the final sales price from 7% to 12%, with 98% of surveyed estate agents claiming that it is one of the most essential factor for a successful sales campaign.

5. Print Media Advertising

While the majority of potential buyers in the market will most likely see your internet and social media ad listings, a print media effort is also a vital tool that will aid to augment the success of your campaign. Not all buyers may be online when it comes to purchasing a major asset like a house or apartment. There is always a significant number of passive buyers who may be thinking of purchasing property but not actively checking the online listings.

This segment of prospective buyers is often best reached with printed advertisements like property brochures and mailbox drop cards, ensuring that potential buyers are aware of your sales campaign without having to actively seek it.

Yet another essential print media tool is the installation of a street-side signboard that announces that your property is on the market to local residents, street traffic and passers-by. This will create extra awareness and get people talking which could result in additional unexpected leads. Make sure that your signboard features some nice interior photos and strong copywriting that describes some of your property’s most enticing features.

6. Running paid social media ads

Going for a paid Instagram or Facebook campaign would be a very bright idea. In fact, in the era of digital marketing you can expect very good results and response from social media advertisement since its reach is ever expanding as more people continue to join various platforms.

By following the tips described above, you will be sure to have a successful sales campaign for your property, ensuring the best possible chances to get top dollar for your property.