Anonymous VPS for a Home Server.

Do we know how much information related to our privacy is stored on the internet? On Home servers that you barely know, everything you do, your online habits, and even your Google searches.

This information is either sold to third-party marketing firms or for data analysis to determine the most common online behaviour patterns. As a result, you are bombarded with ads, reviews, and even products you have been searching for. While the internet is perfect at helping us to find what we are looking for, it is also a weapon that lures us in. A weapon that makes us spend more, save less, and become a slave to the products.

The only way out is to keep yourself anonymous as much as possible. 

But how is this possible? This article will describe how to set up a home server on anonymous VPS to help you stay safe, secure, and unknown. 

Why Do You Need Anonymous VPS Server?

You can use your home VPS to store almost anything. Whether you are hosting a gaming server for friends or just keeping a record of your pictures or videos and sharing it with other loved ones, all you need is a home VPS server that will do the job.

The home server can also help you protect all your sensitive data from outsiders. Think about it! Your pictures, videos, music, and everything else will be on a drive that will be controlled only by you. No third party can access it or even see what is available on your private anonymous server.

It can even be your own website, blog, or video collection that you don’t want to share with anyone except people that you can trust. Anonymous VPS servers can be used for literally anything you want to keep personal but also available.

Today, most people set up their anonymous VPS servers to safely share content without revealing their true identity. 

How to Set Up Anonymous VPS Server for Home?

There are many options available when creating a VPS server. You can directly buy a VPS server from over-the-shelf VPS hosting services available online. Many of them even claim anonymous Bitcoin payments, but they won’t offer you the absolute level of anonymity. 

Only anonymous VPS servers or crypto-friendly VPS servers that require no private information for sign-up are truly anonymous. 

Anonymous cloud hosting solutions offer virtualization for all hosting users with a predetermined allocation of resources, such as vCPU, RAM, SSD, and bandwidth. Anonymous VPS hosting servers also provide the option to quickly get a backup of the overall home server in case of any data loss. The best part about private VPS servers is that they are entirely anonymous. Thanks to a simple sign-up process that won’t require personal information, your true identity can remain aside. 

Anonymous hosting solutions let you pay for your home VPS server with various cryptocurrencies. This is another reason why you remain completely anonymous when using your VPS server. When you pay with cryptocurrencies, your private details remain unknown.

How to Setup Your Anonymous VPS Server?

To manage the data on your own, some operating system must be mounted on your VPS. There is lots of free, open-source software for managing private data if you wish to control your data and services yourself. YunoHost, CapRover, or Cloudron could be the best ready-to-use self-hosting solution for home servers. All you have to do is select the best anonymous VPS package for your needs and install the operating system. It’s important to remember to set your SSH key. The SSH protocol is required for secure remote log-in from one computer to another. It’s perfect for remote file transfers, network administration, and operating system access because of its robust encryption. SSH keys provide security while also allowing associated operations to be automated. That is it. Your home VPS server might be ready in less than an hour. 

Ready to Buy Your Anonymous VPS Server?

Self-hosting allows you to take control of your online data and take responsibility for it. Anonymous VPS is a self-hosting solution that is safe, scalable, isolated, and affordable. You’ll be able to take advantage of full root access and all the benefits of having your data self-hosted with anonymous hosting services.