Living in Spain after Brexit. Reasons to do it and types of residency.

Are you a UK citizen and you want to know what you need to live in Spain after Brexit? In this new post, we are going to tell you the reasons to do it and what types of Spanish residency are now in effect as well.

For many years, lots of British people have chosen Spain to establish a new home, either for short periods of time or for life. There are several reasons behind this decision so, do not miss this post to discover the advantages that living in Spain has and how the process to do it is.

Changes in the way to obtain the residency in Spain for British people

With the United Kingdom out of the European Union, there have been lots of changes in terms of mobility from this country to the rest of the countries of the European continent.

Although traveling from the UK to another country is not as easy as before, the truth is that British people still can move to Spain without too many complications. So, what is needed to obtain the residence permit?

Since January of 2021, British are not considered as EU nationals, which has implications too when it comes to immigration procedures, so nowadays it is necessary to meet some requirements to regularize their situation. In fact, the British have to apply now for a permit in the same way that other foreigners, as American or Australian people, but, what types of residence are available for living in Spain after Brexit?

Procedures can be a mess but the good thing is that you can count on experts to make this adventure easier, such as the ones that you can find in MySpainVisa, whose staff is willing to help you in the entire process.

Types of Spanish residence permits

In brief, there are several types of residence permits that make the process of obtaining the residency much faster. An example of this kind of permit is the non-lucrative residence or Golden Visa, which only requires being solvent and having private health insurance.

Another permit that you can obtain if you want to get Spanish citizenship fast is the investor’s visa, which implies to invest in real estate with the objective of obtaining residency. Last but not least, there is another common way to obtain Spanish residency through a student visa, which can be modified later to a work permit.

Of course, these are not the only visas available, as there are other types like the temporary workers visa or the entrepreneur visas. But, what happens if you already lived in Spain before Brexit? The alternative if this is your case is to transform your green card into a new type of permit.

Reasons to live in Spain after Brexit?

Spain is a country loved by a lot of people because it offers a lot of advantages for locals and foreigners. But, why do people like to start a new life there?

There are several reasons, but the main ones are the weather, the landscapes and beaches, the food, the people and, of course, the low prices of products and services and the easy access to its public health system. In conclusion, even if the process is a bit more complicated now than before, moving to Spain is still worth it for a lot of reasons that you have to consider if you want to live or to retire in Spain.