Pros and cons of the real estate market in Turkey

Before deciding to move to another country, you should carefully analyze everything. And only by comparing the pros and cons, it will be possible to decide whether to buy real estate in Turkey. Investing in property for sale in Izmir, Istanbul, or Antalya can bring you a large income when done wisely. Turk.Estate agency can help you choose the best property according to your demands.

Advantages of investing in Turkish real estate

Speaking about the advantages of living in the Republic of Turkey, first of all, it is worth mentioning the favorable climate of the region. 

Even in the northern regions of the country during the winter months, the average temperature does not drop below +5°C, there is practically no frost, as well as snow. In summer, the thermometer does not drop below +25°C. In the south of the country, constant summer reigns – air temperatures below +15°C do not happen here. Dry air and low rainfall contribute to the cultivation of fruits and vegetables, which are exported in huge quantities to other countries of the world.

Good ecology is another advantage. 

Due to the large number of tourists visiting the country, local authorities carefully monitor the cleanliness of the air and maintain order on the streets of cities. Tourism also contributes to the development of infrastructure, entertainment industry, preservation of cultural monuments.

The absence of a complicated paperwork procedure often becomes the main advantage for the owner. 

In addition, a residence permit can be obtained after a six-month stay on the territory of the state, and after another 8 years, a foreigner can obtain citizenship. If you buy real estate not for permanent residence, but as a place for recreation, this also has its advantage: you can get to Turkey from any corner of the world, while the cost of tickets will be quite acceptable.

The low cost of goods and services is also an obvious plus. 

The price tags in Turkish stores are much lower than in European ones, and in the markets, you can buy clothes or food in general at half the price – all you need to do is to bargain well with the seller. The cost of the purchase and sale of real estate compared to Europe is also lower: taxes and interest on the purchase of housing rarely exceed 5% in aggregate. On average, taxes are around EUR 150 per year.

Disadvantages of investing in Turkish real estate

The disadvantages of Turkey include an insufficient level of investment. 

This region is largely focused on the development of tourism and attracting a large number of tourists. Therefore, today the market for resort real estate is developing there, which is of interest to foreign tourists.

Anyone wishing to buy or rent a property is advised to carefully familiarize themselves with it, as you can come across cases of poor-quality construction or poor repair.

Features of the Turkish real estate market

The housing market in Turkey is quite diverse, and its cost depends on the region and type of construction. To answer the question of where it is better to buy an apartment in Turkey, it is worth considering options in different cities and choosing the most suitable housing following your preferences. To figure out which regions or cities offer the most favorable conditions for living and investing check out the Turk.Estate website.