Elden Ring Game Guide: Some Interesting Things Players Can Try to Do in Elden Ring

Most Games often instructs players to do things that they can’t avoid in the process of exploration. While in Elden Ring, players can decide the things they can do in their mind. There are full of hidden mechanics obscured in the world of Elden RIng. Players can choose to find them or do anything they want in the game. Meanwhile, players can buy Cheap Elden Ring Runes to select some good weapons or items for characters in order to defeat more different levels of enemies in Elden Ring.

You Can Skip Margit The Fell Omen

As players keep jumping with Torrent past the guards and the gates, it is easy for them to reach Margit. However, players may sometimes meet the cranky bosses early in the process of questing. Margit is not the essential spot for players to reach. You can just skip it easily. Players can even go to Liurnia of the Lakes without passing through Stormveil Castle. They have to keep running straight from Stormhill Shack to avoid the attack from bosses instead.

You Can Benefit From Weather Effects

The weather is not a visual effect in Elden Ring compared to other games. When players are going to use fire or lightning incantations, spells, the weather will show effect in battle. In fact, effects like rain can improve the damage according to the damage type.

When it rains, the effect of fire damage will reduce. Meanwhile, the effect of lighting damage will be enhanced when rain comes. Players can benefit from the weather effects.

You can Use Jumping or Crouching to Avoid Attacks

Players often receive the attacks from bosses due to the precise hitboxes. They can not use rolling or backstepping to dodge attacks in battle. On the other hand, players can use jumping to escape some attacks, it is good for players to deal with area ground damage or shockwave slams. At the same time, players can crouch against bosses with sweeping lateral attacks. Then, they will make damage towards bosses instead.

You Can Return to The Starting Area

Most new players may die in several times in the starting area of Elden Ring. When they first create the characters in the beginning, they don’t have to defeat the freaky first boss. If players stick to defeat this boss, they can do this by inserting an Imbued Stone Key in the Precipice of Anticipation Tower in the Four Belfries, which locates on the west of Liurnia of the Lakes.

You Can Try to Control Torrent Mid-air

Torrent is one of the best blessings for players in Elden Ring. He is so innovative that players can use him to make his double jump in the air. Meanwhile, players can also use his double jump to change Torrent’s direction and elevation in the process of failing. Due to this good skill, players have access to discover some secret areas or platforms in Elden Ring. They can even decrease fall damage by utilizing the second jump before landing.

You Can Scar Off Animal Enemies

There are many troublesome enemies in the Elden Ring, such as wolves, ants and pesky hawks. They often appears in packs in the dungeons. Luckily, players can use the Beast-Repellent Torch to keep these petting enemies away along the way.

Players can wield the torch and the animal enemies will run away quickly. You can also use the torch to chase them. You can obtain it form the Isolated Merchant in Dragonbarrow, Caelid.

If players are willing to level up their desired weapons in Elden Ring, you can Buy Elden Ring Runes to upgrade them in time. Then, you will benefit from the enhanced ability of weapons in the battles against hard bosses in the game.