Party packages for every occasion

The big day has finally arrived. The bride-to-be and her team of bridesmaids are finishing the last things that remain to be done before the wedding, and the groom-to-be is beginning to get nervous and anxious. It is, of course, the most important day of their lives.

Their separate journeys are soon going to be joined in one, and the happy couple is going to share both their happy and sad days together in future. But the question is, are they going to say goodbye to their single lives in a great style? If so, there are some bachelor party packages prepared for everyone who wants to enjoy themselves while heading towards a married life.

The best man and the maid of honour – the most important people for the happy couple

With respect to wedding preparations, the groom and the bride do not usually have any spare time for organizing another party. However, it has been quite common for the best man and the maid of honour respectively to take charge of organizing the goodbye party. Usually, the bride and the groom-to-be do not know about the party that is being prepared for them, and it is often a very pleasant surprise when they only receive an invitation to their own party. The party-planners should also consider the people whom they would like to invite to the party. These are usually the closest friends of the bride and the groom, however, depending on the situation, family members or other relatives may be invited as well. Do not worry about different tastes and requirements of the guests as it is vital that the most important person at the party, that is, the groom or the bride, has the best time of his or her life.

Various possibilities

Men’s bachelor party and ladies’ bachelorette party may largely differ. While ladies usually prefer playing games or answering questions regarding the groom, men very often rent a cottage or a hotel apartment to celebrate in a big style.

Prepare the local food and dress yourself in traditional clothes of the preferred country and you will experience something very unusual, maybe even exotic. You may not, of course, be the kind of person who likes organizing events or does not have too many bright ideas to make the bachelor party 2021 special.

Members of the wedding party organize a bachelorette party and a bachelorette party. The bridesmaid and best man traditionally lead the planning. The invitee list usually includes the bridesmaids, groomsmen and other members of the wedding party, plus other close friends or relatives of a similar age to the couple. It goes without saying that anyone who is invited to the bachelor or bachelorette party should also be invited to the wedding.

Wedding Rehearsal dinner planning

Traditionally, the groom’s parents plan and pay for the rehearsal dinner and the bride’s parents pay for the wedding. As it is now customary for both parents to contribute to the wedding costs, they and the fiancé can plan and pay for the rehearsal dinner or make arrangements with family members.

Usually the night before wedding is selected for rehearsal dinner. However, some couples choose to have a rehearsal dinner two nights before the wedding to give family and friends time to recover before the big day. At the rehearsal dinner, families can spend time together in a relaxed environment. Rehearsal dinners are often less formal than wedding receptions and can be held at the host’s home, a restaurant, a wine cellar or anywhere you want to gather with loved ones. In addition to dining or enjoying hors d’oeuvres, the rehearsal dinner is also usually a moment for the couple to present gifts to members of the bridal party and parents to thank them for their support. Finally, it is an opportunity to make sure that everyone knows what is expected of them on the wedding day.

Welcome Party

The last but not least important event to attend before the wedding is the welcome party. Welcome parties, like rehearsal dinners, serve as a pre-wedding opportunity for your out-of-town friends and relatives to socialize with each other. Wedding parties usually follow the rehearsal dinner and can be either simple or extravagant. This event is open to all of your wedding guests, but does not require their presence.