What is the difference between a loan agent vs. Personal Loan Agent?

When you need a loan, you may wonder if you can use a loan agent or a personal loan agent. Though both of them will assist you in filling out the loan application and ask you about your financial situation, the two are different roles. In the loan business, most individuals who act as middlemen who act as middlemen are agents. 

The agent is the one who helps the customer to secure the loan and can facilitate the whole process from borrowing until the customer pays back the loan. In this article, you will learn the difference between the loan agent vs. the personal loan agent that is found in the financial intuition, especially for the loan products.

Who is the loan agent?

A loan agent is an employee or an officer who is an employee at a bank or any financial institution that provides loans to the people. The major task of this agent is to make sure that customers can secure a loan by connecting them to the lender.

The agent will facilitate the whole process like the primary checks, collections of the needed documents, verification process, and make sure everything is okay for you to get the loan.

Most of these loan agents fall under the DSA loan agent, a direct selling agent. These agents usually involve linking the lender and the customer to ensure the entire loan application and repay process is done successfully. This role is like any agent job you could find in the market, and they receive their payment in terms of percentage of the loan taken by a client over their supervision.

Therefore the primary role of these DSA loan agents is to make sure that there is a professional relationship between the client and the lender. Also, the whole process of borrowing and paying the loan is done smoothly with the help of these agents. Most products and services that the loan agent usually deals with include home loans, business loans, personal loans, bank loans, and many other loans.

Who is a personal loan agent?

Most financial institutions have a product that is called a personal loan. Personal loans are an unsecured loan product that will help clients use them to meet their current financial needs. It is mostly a loan that is given without collateral.

It can be used as an instant solution to cater to emergence expenses, travelling, weeding, or other financial needs. Some organizations have specific employees who specifically deal with this product. 

Therefore, any person who works in a financial institution to make sure they help the clients get personal loans are called a personal loan agent.Like the loan agent, they also facilitate the whole loan process, but the major difference is that they only deal with personal loan products.


In conclusion, the article has shared information about the differences between loan agents and personal loan agents. Though both deal with the loan products, their major difference comes in the product they deal with. The loan agent mostly deals with many loan products like business loans, home loans, personal loans, and many others. However, the personal loan agent deals with the personal loan product only.