Attention Of Carbonated Soft Drinking And Sparking Water  Filling Plant.

For a carbonated soft drinking or carbonated water factory the most important is formula and the order to add the formula. COMARK factory will provide you the professional suggest .

Attention Of Carbonated Soft Drinking And Sparking Water  Filling Plant. 1

Precautions for formula design

various carbonated beverages have different flavors. The formula is the key to determining their flavor. The core is the sweet-sour ratio. Therefore, the design of the formula can determine the quality of carbonated beverages.

Sweet-sour ratio refers to the ratio of sweetness to acidity of carbonated drinks. Sweetness refers to total sweetness (calculated as sucrose), acidity refers to total acidity (calculated as citric acid). The larger the sweet-sour ratio, the sweeter the taste, the sweeter and sour. The smaller the ratio, the more sour. Different beverages have different sweet-sour ratios.

Pretreatment of raw and auxiliary materials.

It needs to be accurately weighed and tested before it can be deployed in large quantities for later use.

Solution configuration

Use distilled water or cold boiled water for the configuration solution, and try not to use metal utensils.

Dyeing moderately

The colorant should be prepared for immediate use. When using a mixed colorant, use a colorant with similar properties such as solubility, permeability, and dyeability.

Evaluate sample

After the ingredients are completed, determine the concentration of the syrup, and at the same time, extract a small amount of syrup and add carbonated water to observe its color, evaluate the taste, and insist on whether the standard sample conforms to it.

Add sodium benzoate

Sodium benzoate should be added before adding acid, otherwise, sodium benzoate will precipitate in the syrup and it will be difficult to dissolve again.

The prepared blended syrup should be bottled immediately, especially for turbid raw materials. If the fructose syrup is stored for too long, stratification will occur. The syrup should be stirred frequently when bottling.

Safe use of carbon dioxide

Carbon dioxide itself is non-toxic, but carbon dioxide in the air will also affect human health. When carbon dioxide is used in carbonated beverages, due to the high pressure of storage in steel cylinders, it is necessary to strictly prevent its leakage and explosion. Frequently, check for leaks. The steel cylinder containing carbon dioxide must not be in contact with the arc, and must not be turned upside down. Avoid direct sunlight and close to the fire source, and keep away from the heat source to ensure ventilation.

Carbon dioxide storing

When using, it is necessary to stabilize the steel cylinder storing carbon dioxide, slowly open the valve, check the safety valve and pressure gauge frequently, and replace it regularly. Close the valve immediately after use to prevent carbon dioxide leakage.

Use special steel cylinders to store carbon dioxide. Empty bottles and carbon dioxide-containing bottles are stored separately. The storage temperature of carbon dioxide-containing bottles does not exceed 30° and needs to be placed upright.

Strictly prevent exposure to the sun, impact, and close to the source of fire. The rope must be tied tightly during transportation and cannot be shaken.

Attention should be paid during carbonation

Make sure that the aeration is sufficient and maintain a reasonable aeration according to different varieties. Before carbonation, the air in the mixing tank should be removed to prevent the air from repelling carbon dioxide, control the stirring speed, and prevent the speed from being too high when sugar or syrup is prepared. Quickly mix in the air, control the water temperature, and ensure that the water is clean,

Ensure constant filling pressure, and ensure sanitation of all equipment, containers and pipes during production. To ensure that the container is hygienic during packaging and the personnel are hygienic.

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