How to Improve Your Productivity When Writing an Assignment?

“Great ability develops and reveals itself increasingly with every new assignment,” said Baltasar Gracian

These lines cannot be more true for students in different academic levels as they keep learning new skills for tackling multiple assignments piles together.

Students feel the need for superpowers for completing their academic tasks on time. However, it is obvious that during this struggle of submitting their work on time, they develop more abilities like spending continuous days and nights without sleep, surviving the night on caffeine shots, persuading siblings or friends to lend a hand in your research.

However, even after doing all this, the students fail to complete the job within the given time and struggle to earn good grades. This is one of the top reasons students turn to assignment writing services online for assistance. Can you, too, relate to this? If yes, then productivity is your trouble here. No, not your productivity but the actual ability of not being productive.

If you want a job to be done, you need to get it done productively so that you do not exhaust yourself, put up stress, and complete it within the time. Now, the catch here can be a lack of productivity or decoding how to be productive, right? Don’t scratch your head in bewilderment; Here’s a list of some methods, techniques, or tips, whatever you feel are the apt name for these that can help you complete your assignment on time without any delay and not stress about it. So, let’s check them out!

Break Tasks into Chunks:

When exams are approaching, do you sit with all books and syllabus to be covered together? No way, right? It just stresses you more and makes you more anxious and less concentrating on the task. Similarly, break your assignment writing task into small chunks like gathering info, making an outline, completing a section, editing, etc., which would be easy to track and complete and less stressful.

Set Priorities:

This is what everyone says, but have you ever tried? Because it’s not less than magic. When you set priorities, you have a clear idea about what needs to be done and by when. Then, based on how important or urgent a particular task is, you can decide when to start working on it and how much time to dedicate to it. This way, you only spend the most important time of your day on urgent tasks.

Use Distractions Wisely:

Wait, what? Distractions are meant to be kept away, right? Yes, but what’s better than using them for your betterment? Use your distractions as a reward for completing small tasks. Want a caffeine break? Then, complete the section you are working on. Feel like going out for a walk, get research done so that you can plan the writing while out on a walk. These small mindful approaches make the best of distractions too.

Have Dedicated Work Place:

This is one of the most underrated suggestions that students often think are overrated. When you have a clean and clear workstation, you have enough space to sit and work comfortably. And if everything you need has a particular space and is neatly placed, you need not get up in the middle of something and look for it. And even though you may not agree, deep in your heart, you know that sitting in bed while studying just makes you drowsy and bored easily. So, set up a neat, dedicated workplace to get started with your assignment.

Research, Read, Write and Revise:

Assignments are meant to be one of the most crucial tasks that a student needs to complete because they contribute to the annual grades of that particular academic year. So, they should be informative, innovative, and interesting. This can be no better other than researching the topic in-depth, reading multiple sources for better ideas, writing your thoughts down, revising what you wrote, and then continuing this drill till you are satisfied with your work.

If you follow these approaches or practices, you can improve your productivity to a different level that you start scoring straight A’s in assignments. Other than these approaches, you can go for a scientific method that is tested and proven to improve a person’s productivity: POMODORO.


Pomodoro is also known as a time management technique that is quite helpful in completing a task with utmost focus and dedication within the given time period. It’s a timer set for 25 minutes during which the student needs to give undivided attention to whatever task he is doing and then take a break for five minutes. This is to be repeated till the task is completed.

So, now you know how to productively approach an assignment writing task and complete it within the given timeline. So, get started with your assignment and complete it before the due line without much ado. All the Best!