Amazing Charts EHR Software – FAQs

Amazing Charts EHR is an exceptional medical software solution. Find out all about the most FAQs about Amazing Charts EHR.

Amazing Charts EHR

Amazing Charts was created by a physician who understood the challenges that independent physicians face on a daily basis. Amazing Charts EMR is designed to allow doctors to chart quickly and with as few clicks as possible, all while keeping costs down. Over 6,500 independent medical practices, including family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics, surgery, cardiologists, and a range of other specialties, have used software solutions.

For medical documenting and financial administration processes, Amazing Charts offers a practice management (PM) system that interfaces with the EHR. Clinics could handle the whole client visit with a single system thanks to the built-in billing and revenue cycle management (RCM) modules. Amazing Charts is also a Meaningful Use certified EHR, as well as Dragon Naturally Speaking and the Surescripts e-prescription system authorized. Amazing Charts compiles all pertinent data on a single screen, much like a paper chart, enabling users to navigate through client details, previous visits, summary sheets, and bank details.

To fulfill the expectations of your independent practice, the software contains AC EHR, which may be implemented locally or in the cloud. In this article, we’ll go through the top Amazing Charts EHR Features. We are also going to discuss other great things about Amazing Charts EHR, so keep reading.Amazing Charts EHR isbest emr for pediatrics .

How does Amazing Charts EHR help with Administrative Tasks?

Amazing Charts EHR evaluations show that the vendor makes all administrative jobs easier. It gives authorized workers full access to the patient’s database, including demographics, billing statements, and other information. And any other mission-critical information required for administrative procedures management. It eliminates the silos or communication gaps between clinical and administrative data, lowering the risk of misinterpretation and ensuring that critical information is communicated across healthcare settings.

If you take a hospital, for example, Amazing Charts unifies all of its departments while allowing them to operate independently. This comprehensive data exchange facilitates inter-departmental decision-making. The staff has easy access to the patient database, which allows them to streamline clinical operations.

What are the best Amazing Charts EHR Features?


Amazing Charts has teamed up with two HIPAA-compliant and safe telemedicine suppliers to better serve your practice’s requirements during and beyond the COVID-19 issue. The program allows you to keep treating patients while reducing COVID-19 spread. The software enables the delivery of in-home patient care from afar. You may initiate telehealth video visits with a single click of a button. The software has partnered up with DrFirst and Updox to improve the entire telehealth experience. DrFirst provides your clinic with powerful tools for connecting with patients via the internet. Updox Telehealth, on the other hand, is user-friendly and includes features such as Video Chat and Two-way Secure Texting.

Patient Portal

The patient portal is one of the most valuable elements of any EMR program since it makes everything much simpler on both sides! Both you and your patients will appreciate how simple this tool is to use. Patients may use the site to make appointments, track upcoming appointments, see instructional information, and communicate with their doctors. And the benefit of this software for you is that you can rest in terms of your organizational responsibilities because clients can schedule their own consultations without you having to call them all the time, and you can also minimize the number of no-shows and last-minute cancellations because the EMR Amazing Charts client portal sends out reminders.

Deployment Options

The feature of deployment choices for this program is mentioned favorably in several EMR Amazing Charts reviews. Depending on your choices, the software can be installed on-site or in the cloud. You may use the company’s cloud plan for a cloud-based deployment, which gives you access to support employees who are available at all times. This package also includes a pre-configured dashboard, pricing, and the flexibility to run on any operating system.

What do you need to know about Amazing Charts Practice Management Solutions?

CareTracker Practice Management helps you to quickly discover pending claims, identify coding problems prior to claims submission, and digitally check eligibility and claim history. In addition, the Dashboard Front Office Command Center acts as a digital executive assistant, inspecting items and sending you intelligent warnings only when medical files require your attention, leaving you to focus on your clients.

By having fast access to unpaid claims and complaints, you can ensure that they are resolved before they become challenging. Additionally, review claims prior to submitting to improve revenue opportunities by reducing rejections. Because of the Amazing Charts Secure Connect Clearinghouse, the program can provide a lot of help and respond quickly to payer changes. Smart technology generates flexible role-based dashboards that optimize work lists across the organization. Get a high-level summary of your company’s finances and identify issues that may be addressed to avoid reimbursement delays.

What do you need to know about Amazing Charts billing solutions?

Amazing Charts Medical Billing Services are fully integrated with a Revenue Cycle Management system that handles your billing issues at a fraction of the cost of typical third-party invoicing. Your clinic’s receivables may improve, with a higher percentage of claims granted on the first filing and a shorter period for insurers and customers to pay. Comprehensive claim scrubbing guarantees that clean claims are being sent out the first time, and the software keeps a close eye on payer success and enhancement opportunities. A comprehensive follow-up and appeals system ensures that nothing is neglected. Customer reports and phone follow-ups are customized to meet your needs.

Payments are made on schedule when digital and paper claims are submitted in a regular manner. EOB scans and transaction evidence, as well as payer remittance and client payment submission, are all accessible. Instant Messaging with your billing supervisor, backed up by a team of billing experts based in the United States. Overall, the program may enhance collections by up to 20%, and 95% of claims are paid on the first submission.

If you want to know more about Amazing Charts EHR, like Amazing Charts EHR pricing or Amazing Charts EHR reviews, you can schedule an Amazing Charts EHR demo!