Benefits Of Water Filter Jugs and Refrigerator Water Filters.

If you don’t already filter your water, or even if you do, you might well be wondering what is the real benefit of using water filter jugs and refrigerator filters. Do we really need to filter our water, or can we just drink straight from the tap? And what advantages do jug and fridge filters have over other filtration methods? 

Below, we cover all of the major benefits of filtering your tap water, in a jug or using your fridge’s inbuilt water filter.

Filters Remove Contaminants 

Jug and fridge filters generally use activated carbon to filter your water. Carbon is excellent at absorbing not only the non-harmful chemicals left over from water treatment, like Chlorine and Chloride, but also other unwanted elements which might unintentionally enter the water supply. Among these are certain chlorine by-products which are known to be harmful to health. 

Filters also remove agricultural by-products like pesticides, herbicides, nitrates, phosphates and other poisons which can easily enter the water supply and in high concentrations can be harmful. Carbon is also effective at filtering trace pharmaceuticals and microplastics. 

Water Tastes and Smells Better

Many of the substances filters remove have no adverse effects on health – indeed, many of the chemicals they remove have been added deliberately to clean the water. So why remove them? Well, both chlorine and chloride affect the taste and odour of your water – which is why filtered water tastes so much fresher, cleaner and more natural. 


One key advantage of filtering water at home this way is convenience. If you have a jug chilling in the fridge, or you’re using your fridge’s in-built filter, you’re guaranteed fresh, cold water whenever you need it.

A faucet filter, although easy to access, can’t guarantee the water will be cold – so jugs and fridge filters have the edge here.  


The other advantage is that both jug and fridge filters are super cheap, and with a lifespan of up to 6 months, you only need to change them 2 or 3 times in a year. I should add here though that it is VERY IMPORTANT you do change them – as filters will become saturated with contaminants eventually, and old filters can pose a risk to health.  

Saves Waste

If you’re not filtering water at home, the only other way you can guarantee you and your family safe drinking water is to buy bottled water. Whether you buy small bottles or even using a water cooler, your carbon footprint will be much higher than with a filter. 

Plastic pollution is a real problem in Australia: and you might think recycling is the answer. However, less than 16% of plastic waste in Australia is actually recycled, with the rest ending up in landfill. 

So, filtering water at home is good for the planet. And it also guarantees you ice cold, great tasting and (importantly) 100% safe drinking water – whenever you need it. It’s genuinely hard to think of any other investment so small with so many benefits – there’s really no good reason not to filter your water at home.