Starting an Entrepreneurial Home-Based Cottage Food Business.

When we are growing up, people often ask us what we want to do or be in life. It’s an interesting question, really, since there is an entire world of fascinating options that we might choose from Home-Based. We often have so many dreams and desires, and it’s great to think about it and let our creativity and the magic of our souls come through. Our answers are usually quite interesting and give us clues as to what might call to us so very deeply in life.

Then, as we grow into adulthood, we seem to somehow leave the dreams behind and most of us follow the prescribed societal path. Instead of following our heart, so many simply sign up for the corporate world and become part of the daily grind. Perhaps the financial demands and pressures of paying for everything as an adult simply steer us to this path. There is another way to make a good living, though. If you run the numbers, you will find that a vibrant micro business can bring in all the money you need and provide a great quality of life too.

Creating a Home-Based Cottage Food Business

Many states have regulations that allow individuals to create and sell food that is prepared in a home kitchen. This is perfect for a new entrepreneur; because instead of the prohibitive initial investment you would need to open a commercial business you can simply leverage your existing home kitchen as your workspace. This lets you start small and build up your business over time.

Typically, you will need to coordinate with the local Health Department so they can check out what you plan to create and the cleanliness of your space. Some states let you produce a wide array of products, while others prefer that you prepare items such as baked goods or confections that are non-hazardous and not subject to spoilage.

The Rising Trend of Artisan Bread

As the pandemic began to take hold, millions of people found themselves sheltering in place at home and looking for something new and different in their life. They were also seeking comfort and nurturing during that very difficult time. One of the things they turned to was baking sourdough bread, where the wonderful warmth of the finished loaf and the delicious taste brought happiness and joy.

Entrepreneurs were able to tap into the demand and desire for artisan bread and turn their homes into the local neighborhood bakery. When they wanted to begin selling their products in volume, they were able to invest in a commercial deck oven to professionally produce their artisan bread. The loaves could be sold from the home, at farmer’s markets and to commercial enterprises too. They soon found that they could make a living preparing beautiful food out of their home.

The Banana Bread Model

All too often, our minds think that the only way to survive in life is to submit to the corporate grind and go work for a big company. That is simply not the truth. There are many examples of people making a good living running a home-based cottage business. One of the most interesting ones is the example of two sisters who make and sell banana bread in Hawaii.

They prepare their delicious, hot loaves and sell them at a roadside stand along the highway to Hana. They’ll arrive at 9 AM and they sell out by noon, with each loaf priced at $6. Let’s say they sell 125 loaves a day, five days a week. Their annual revenue would be $195,000 and they’d still have lots of time for surfing or the beach the rest of the day! If you’d like to create a business that is easy to manage, rewarding and nearly stress-free, consider starting a home-based cottage food business. You’ll enjoy preparing delightful foods for people and find that your financial compensation is wonderful too.