Key Ways You Can Bring Peace to Your Life and Achieve Personal Growth.

If there is anything that the last two years have taught us Growth, it’s that everything that we thought was important in life is not what it seemed. Before the pandemic arrived, achievement and getting ahead was often the focus of our existence. We sacrificed so much at the altar of career and monetary progress, giving up work life balance so we could constantly attempt to climb the corporate ladder. We were living a shell of a life, perhaps one that humans were never meant to live.

With the arrival of the pandemic, a still hush descended on the land. The cacophony of activities and demands settled down to a quieter juggling act where we tried to balance home offices, our house and the kid’s time for remote learning too. In a way the absurdity of it all made us start to rethink the choices we’d made, and the seriousness of what we faced took us deep within. Many people began to vow to live differently, to put their own well-being front and center in their lives. As part of that journey, they began looking for tools that would help them quiet themselves and go deeper and further within.

Learning How to Meditate

One of the best ways you can center yourself and learn to reach the still point within is to engage in a regular practice of meditation. If you are new to this, you can take a class and learn all the techniques you need to know. Meditation is great for calming your mind and creating the space within to let clear understanding come through.

Not everyone is a perfect candidate for silent forms of meditation. If you find that type too hard for you, you might consider using guided meditations instead. With this form of the practice, you’ll be taken on a guided journey and the teacher or narrator will lead you through the steps you need to take.

Enroll in an Art Therapy Program

If you would like to embark on a program of self-improvement and personal growth, then art therapy could be a great choice for you. This modality can help you deal with your emotions, reduce anxiety and stress and improve your self-awareness too. The therapy may include painting, drawing or other forms of artistic expression.

When you work with an art therapist, it can be a transformative experience. This therapeutic practice can help you reconnect with yourself and tap into your inherent reservoir of passion and creativity. It can also help you tame your inner critic, alleviate your self-judgment and reduce feelings of loneliness.

Experience Sound Healing

On our journey of self-improvement, it’s sometimes helpful to experience transformative therapies that work on a completely different level. Sound healing is incredibly calming and it can reset your entire nervous system to a state of relaxation and bliss. It opens you up to an elemental level where you are peacefully in touch with deeper planes of being.

Typically, sound healing concerts or sessions are done using crystal singing bowls although Tibetan singing bowls may also be used. The crystal bowls are 99.98% pure silica quartz and they vibrate and resonate with the silica and water in our own bodies. AS the bowls are played the sound penetrates our being and we become entrained with those healing, primal rhythms.

If you have been thinking of making changes in your life, there are many resources you can turn to for help with your self-awareness and personal growth. Meditation, art therapy and sound healing can all be tools you use to improve your life and reconnect with your true self.