Which Are The Major Industries Using Dynamic QR Codes

You may have scanned a rectangle-shaped Dynamic QR Code for payments, accessing information, accessing a website, placing an order, or for any other task. This code is a QR code; these codes have information stored within them. The use of these codes has increased a lot in the past few years, and also, they are easy to create; they can be created with any QR code generator online

There are two types of QR codes – static QR codes and dynamic QR codes. One cannot change static QR codes after their creation. Whereas dynamic QR codes can be changed after their creation, and data stored in them can be modified. Thus, dynamic QR codes are used much more than static QR codes. 

The QR code has become a favourite tool for marketers for tracking and running their campaigns and successfully executing them with the help of QR codes. 

Earlier, QR codes were limited to the automobile industry only, but now they are used in almost all industries. 

In this post, we will tell you which are some of the major industries that use dynamic QR codes.

7 Major industries using dynamic QR codes

  1. Real-estate 

Real-estate industry is one of the pioneer industries that have adopted QR codes. The real-estate agents use dynamic QR codes in the ‘For Sale sign outside the properties that they want to sell. So, if anyone wants to buy the property, he/she can scan the QR code and access the full information about the property. 

By using the QR codes, the agents don’t need to stay on-site to provide information to the people or solve their queries because they can get detailed information just by scanning the code. So, this saves a lot of time and effort for real-estate professionals.  

  1. Shipping & Logistics

This is one of the industries where QR codes are used most. With the QR codes, customers can get information about their shipping. Customers can scan the dynamic QR code and can directly land to the tracking page of the delivery, from where they can access each and every detail about their package.

The industry people also add free dynamic QR code to the shipping boxes to show the details about origin & destination. 

  1. Shopping and eCommerce

QR code technology is one of the favourite technologies of the Shopping and eCommerce industry. The industry people use QR codes to allow customers to pay using online wallets and cashless alternatives. Customers are also offered discounts and discount vouchers through them.

QR codes are also used to provide information to the customers related to products and services. And apart from this, they are used for solving customer queries. Thus, many tasks become easy in the eCommerce industry by the use of dynamic QR codes. 

  1. Event management

QR codes are used widely in the event management industry. The industry people create the dynamic QR code with a dynamic QR code generator and print the code on tickets to provide full details and schedules to people. 

The industry people also put QR codes on the entrances to allow instant ticket booking just by scanning the QR code. Later, the organizers can also place a different QR code on the exit to collect reviews from people. So, there are multiple uses of QR codes in the event management industry. 

  1. Food & Beverage

QR codes are also increasing in the food and beverage industry. The codes are used on the food packaging to allow customers to access the item’s nutritional information, recipe, etc. Apart from this, it is also used for various promotional offers and marketing campaigns. 

  1. Hotel, tourism, and Airline

QR codes are also widely used in the hotel and tourist industries. A QR code on a reservation sheet may be used to display all of a location’s tourist attractions, restaurants, and places of interest. 

The airline industry also makes use of QR codes; they put the QR codes on the flight tickets to provide important information to the people.

  1. Education sector

QR codes are an excellent way to motivate students and increase classroom participation. One can also print QR codes on books and educational materials. QR codes can also be linked to educational videos and other learning resources. Students can learn a lot from these resources; parents can also have access to these resources. 

Educational institutions can also use QR codes to provide information about courses and semesters. They can put the codes in various brochures and admission forms so that students can easily have access to them.      


At last, we would say that the use of dynamic QR codes has increased a lot in the past few years and has spread widely across various industries. Industries use the best dynamic QR code generator to create and use the code for their businesses.