Planning to visit Goa? Pay attention to the following places

If you are interested to visit Goa with your loved ones then there is no need to worry because the following are some of the best possible places which you can plan a visit to in this particular city and have the best possible time with your loved ones. Some of the best places of Goa have been explained as follows:

  • Fort Aguada: This particular place is a 17th-century Portuguese fort that is looking like the best possible component of the Arabian Sea. The crumbling ramparts of the fort are perfectly standing on the beach and the highlight of the fort is the four-storey lighthouse over here. This particular place is very much capable of providing people with the best possible type of view of the sunset.
  • Cruise in Goa: Cruise and Goa are considered to be one of the best possible opportunities of exploring the exotic scenery, pristine waters and the marvel breath-taking view of the sunset. This is the best possible opportunity of ensuring that people will be able to enjoy the romantic dinner cruise without any kind of doubt.
  • Water sports: Goa is considered to be heaven for water sports for example kitesurfing, snorkelling, parasailing, paragliding, diving and so on. Water sports in this particular place can be perfectly enjoyed by people so that everybody will be able to engage themselves in the best possible activities through the number of licenced water sports package providers and operators.
  • Dudhsagar Falls: This is one of the best possible and tallest waterfalls in India. This particular fall should be perfectly visited in the monsoon because it is in full flow at that particular point of time and the surrounding deciduous forests associated with this particular place helps in providing people with the perfect glimpse of nature.
  • Anjuna Beach: This is another very popular destination in North Goa and is stretching almost approximately 2 km. Ranging from the family outings to the best possible type of adventure activities people can visit this particular place to enjoy a lot and the best part is the full moon bodies in the nightclubs present over there which helps in providing people with multiple benefits.
  • Baga Beach: This is one of the most important places located in north Goa and is very much close to Calangute beach in the whole process. This is the perfect destination to be witnessed and enjoy the best nightlife of Goa because the signature places like the Titos and the mambos are perfectly located in this particular area. It is also known as the best possible place for the vast range of water sports.
  • Butterfly Beach: This particular Beach is also known as the honeymoon beach and is one of the best possible types of secluded places in Goa. This particular beach is very easily accessible with a very right from the nearby beaches and the best part is the glimpse of nature provided by it.

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