Being a parent is a great blessing for everyone.Surrogacy is a proper procedure for those who desire to be a parent. Also, there are so many reasons that cause problems to get pregnant. However, sometimes a single person wants to be a parent, and sometimes even a couple can’t be a parent because of their infertility.

But not every country makes it legal due to some reason. Hence, Ukraine is quite famous for this procedure. Also, the surrogacy cost in Ukraine is very reasonable and available. So, lots of people prefer Ukraine for surrogacy.

Surrogacy Ukraine:

Ukraine is very famous for surrogacy services. Also, they provide these services with all the precautions. However, they always take care of their client’s demands and the requirements of the surrogate mother.

Also, they made whole legal papers and made a deal with both the surrogate mother and the parents.

Cost of surrogacy:

There are types of surrogacy, and each type costs different. So, the leihmutterschaft kosten in ukraine is down below:

Victory: It means that surrogate charges and IVF with own eggs cost around 39 000 euros.


It costs around 50 000 Euro for both IVF with donor eggs and surrogate mother.

Success: It costs about 40 000 Euro for surrogate mothers and IVF with donor eggs.


It costs 36 000 euros for transfer with own frozen embryos (FET) and surrogate mother.

What is included in this cost? 

All the medical care includes this cost, such as IVF procedure, PGD, and surrogate mothers’ management. Also, the vitamins and the tests, DNA test, perdition visits after the child’s birth.

Additionally, it includes looking after the premature baby analyzing for parents and surrogate mothers. However, all of these services have these mentioned costs.

Surrogacy in Belgium:

Belgium has done a lot in the field of surrogacy. Also, they’ve brought around 2500 babies. However, Circle Surrogacy is a well-known leihmutterschaft in belgien.

However, they are providing the best consultation. Also, the talk is free of cost.

You’ll see lots of positive reviews regarding Belgium surrogacy. Additionally, all the reviews are so positive and convinced. Also, these positive reviews show how excellent their services are.

After the birth of a child through surrogacy in Belgium:

Once the baby is born, he will stay with their parents in the USA until the passport procedure. Also, it usually takes two to three weeks for this procedure.


Surrogacy service doesn’t cost much in Ukraine. Also, it’s the lowest price if you compare it with other countries’ surrogacy costs. However, surrogacy in Belgium has provided the best services since 1995.Also, their services are pretty famous all around the world.

They’ve brought around 2500 babies in the world through Circle Surrogacy. Additionally, people come to the US to become parents. The child’s birth in the US becomes a reason for other features.

Hence, surrogacy in Ukraine and surrogacy in Belgium are worth trying. So, if you’re looking for surrogacy services, then both options are worth going to

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