How to Grow Instagram Followers Safely

If you are looking for a highly popular, visually appealing promoting medium for your brand, which also helps you build a loyal customer base for your business, Instagram is the right choice for you.

With over a billion active users daily, Instagram is a place for some of the most engaged audiences worldwide.

Just like every other social media, you can either use your Instagram profile the right way, the wrong way, or the smart way.

So, if you are looking for a smart way to grow Instagram followers with real people, this article is for you.

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How to gain more followers on Instagram?

Include Reels in your content

An active Instagrammer knows what reels are and how it works. But for those who don’t know, reels are basically short videos that you can capture and share with your followers.

You can get creative with reels and can also include effects and music to make it more appealing or funny. 

In a Glossy forum, Kristie dash, Instagram’s beauty partnerships manager, said that reels are the newest way to publish content on Instagram, and there are not many ways to gain success except this. 

However, she does suggest some tips:

  • Make your content as unique as possible

The best way to make your content unique is to identify the trend from different social media platforms and tweak it your way. Doing so will increase your chances of getting your reel viral and attract a lot of new people.

  • Make it easy to understand and simple content

Simplicity is the key in today’s social media centric world. And Instagram is no different! Your reels should be simple; delivering your brand message crisply. No too much editing and complex stuff is required. Keep it simple and your followers will surely love it! 

  • Guide your followers

Make reels that combine empowerment and entertainment at the same time.

Kisten dash says, “Reels should be a huge priority for you right now. It’s prime real estate for your brand to be discovered by new followers.”

TrilceJironGarro, the social media marketing agency owner of TBS marketing, said, “don’t sell your products through reel content. Share facts. Provide tips about the industry you’re in. Entertain viewers.”

New and existing brands have started including entertaining reels to their Instagram as a strategy. Trilce added, “Reels give you the opportunity to reach new target audiences. There’s no learning curve because Reels content is lo-fi. And creators can produce community-driven content that builds trust, gains followers, and makes sales over time.”

Instagram has introduced Insights Tools for Reels, and Trilce loves it so much that he says, “Reels have become an integrated part of any Instagram marketing strategy. Analytics tools for Reels have made it easy to track metrics and analyze data to see if your Reels are working. Now, you can understand exactly what your audience likes and dislikes, when to post Reels, and what calls to action resonate with viewers.”

The Reel insight tool helps you analyze the engagement that affects your visibility. After that, you can get more engagement and followers by creating high-quality content.

Organize your Instagram profile

Users will generally follow you to check what you post next on your profile and not for what you have posted in the past. Your audiences are curious and want to know what they will see later when they start following you.

In order to keep up the hype and the curiosity level of your audience at peak, it is better to keep your profile up to date with some surprising posts on what’s coming up next and a consistent theme and regular posting schedules. This might seem an unnoticeable change, but it can lure new followers, as they can clearly see from the first glance as soon as they visit your profile.

Let’s take your Instagram bio and your last six posts as an example. Ask yourself, do they offer continuity in your posts? Does the link you have provided take your followers to the same old boring website?

You might not know, but your profile grid’s layout is an important aspect to add creativity with a pinch of inspiration to your feed while maintaining the flow of your publishing strategy.

The brands that follow this approach spend less time and energy making creative content and instead focus on converting visitors into followers, producing text graphics, and smoothening the overall production.

So, to upgrade your Instagram profile and schedule your posts accordingly, you can get help from online tools.

Trice Jiron says that “your feed serves as the billboard for your brand. It’s a customer’s first touchpoint with you and captures the essence of your brand.

Take help from brand ambassadors

If you don’t have the budget to pay celebs to endorse your brand, you can get help from brand ambassadors. Brand ambassadors are the people that have hundreds to thousands of followers.

Moreover, these people truly support your business and will share it within their circle. 

Cross-promote content

Posting similar content to different social media platforms is called cross-promoting. Many brands use this technique because it saves time and resources.

You can also use cross-promoting techniques to increase your brand awareness and safely grow your Instagram effectively.

People have been spending most of their time watching videos on smartphones, especially during the pandemic. This makes cross-promoting an efficient way of gaining more followers to your Instagram handle. 

Promote through your private Instagram handle

Another way to gain popularity and followers on Instagram is growing your personal account. In short, make yourself an influencer. 

That being said, handling both accounts at the same time can increase brand recognition, follower counts, and even sales. 

Earn followers through loyalty

Loyalty programs encourage customers to choose your brand over other brands, which is why retailers use it more.At the same time, brands are using loyalty programs to gain followers on Instagram by rewarding users who follow them. So, why don’t you do that?

Follow feature accounts 

Have you ever heard about Instagram feature accounts? Generally, feature accounts are Instagram pages that are specially curated for the best content in a certain niche. If you are able to become a feature account, your profile will be flooded with tons of followers. 

Feature accounts are ‘supreme’ in every aspect, and they even contain a long list of following. You can explore feature accounts on Instagram in every field, including tourism, nature, automobiles, and more.

Utilize the correct hashtags

In order to grow your Instagram safely, you need to engage with your users on a daily basis. For that, you need to post unique photos, entertaining videos, inspiring reels, and content that appeals to your followers.

So, to get started, you will need to find hashtags according to your content. Adding hashtags to your posts and pictures is important because it helps users search for specific terms.

Now the question is, which hashtags should you add? Similar to other social media platforms, Instagram prefers certain hashtags over others.So, try including them more in your content. 

Adding hashtags is one thing, but using the right ones is a completely different thing. You will need to research thoroughly to make sure that you are using the right hashtags because they will describe your brand and what  you are being searched for the most.

To find hashtags related to your brand or business, you can get help from free tools like Brand24 or Digimind.

However, one thing to note is that Instagram only allows 30 hashtags per post. So, stick to the limits. Adding hashtags to your posts increases your chances of reaching new users and being discovered. 

You can use hashtags in stories too

Now that you know how to use hashtags in your posts, it is time to use them in your stories. This will eventually increase your chances of being seen by people who follow that particular hashtag.

To use hashtags in stories, you can either add them as hashtag stickers or just write them directly in the captions.

Since the users can follow hashtags now, your stories with hashtags have a chance to be seen by the people who are following that hashtag or even everyone else.  

Wait for the right time

After adding appropriate hashtags and enhancing your posts with filters, you should wait for the right time to post your content.

To find the right posting time, you may need to analyze what has worked for you and whatnot in the past. You can also leverage free online tools that can provide you with a detailed analysis of your posting history along with the engagement. These tools will also provide you with the best times for the day to make a post.

Furthermore, you can get free insights from Instagram analytics for your business accounts that can be found under the followers’ section.

The cherry on the cake is using Instagram scheduling tools that will automatically publish your posts when your user is the most engaged.

Wrapping up

Now you know it all; the only thing left is to try these tricks and strategies out and see your Instagram grow.  When will you start doing that?