How to DIY Buzz Cut Styles

When the pandemic started in 2020, many things changed, including the frequency of visiting a barbershop. To stop looking shaggy and unkempt, most people prefer to do the haircuts themselves, which is why you probably are here. Although it is possible to DIY some hairdos such as a buzz cut, it is not advisable.

While you could use many information channels to learn how to do a buzz haircut on your head, there is a possibility of messing up with the blades and that is why you should hire a professional barber. Remember that you have to look good to feel good, and getting the hairstyles wrong could lower your confidence. However, if you are ready to learn how to DIY a buzz cut, you need a good pair of clippers and the expertise. We will help you get your desired hairstyle with these simple steps.

How to DIY Buzz Cut Styles 1

Get Good Hair Clippers

The first step to achieving your desired buzz cut is getting the right tools, like the hair clippers. It has to be more powerful than the beard trimmers because the hair on your head is thicker than your facial hair. One way to know that a clipper is good is if it can swoop through your thick hair without clogging and stopping to remove the excess hair.

You should also get good guards to help you navigate through all the parts of your head and give you your desired look. Although you can use a hair clipper on the beard, it won’t be as efficient as the beard trimmer because it cannot get all the hair in some areas, especially around the upper lip. You also need a handheld mirror to see the sides and the back. Failure to see all the sides of your head could lead to spots.

Wash Your Hair And Scalp

Washing the hair before getting the cut is crucial because you will be cutting the strands in their natural state. Cutting the hair without washing could result in a different style because you will follow the last direction you had styled it or the direction the strands faced after sleeping on it.

Besides, unwashed hair has many products from styling, and working through clogged hair is complex. Therefore, use the correct shampoo for your hair and a conditioner depending on the hair texture, and rinse them.

Once the hair is clean, examine your scalp to see any infections and scars. You should also check for skin tags and moles. Knowing your scalp’s state will help you schedule a visit to the dermatologist or get the right products to heal it.

Buzz Longer Hair That You Need

To achieve the right size of a buzz cut, do not start by buzzing the exact hair size that you need. You can trim it more, but if you cut more length than required, you cannot return the hair. Once you see how it looks, you can go in with another trim and shape it according to your preference.

Shave Against The Strands On The Sides

The hair on the sides is softer, so you should shave it in the opposite direction it is growing, i.e. if it grows facing upwards, shave it downwards. This way, no hair will remain longer on the sides because some tend to lie down and avoid being cut. Also, start at the sideburns and buzz cut the hair upwards.

Shave The Top

Once the sides get your desired look, shave the top of the head. This might be challenging to work on because the hair is thicker, and you might not see it well. You can run the clippers back and forth, getting a small length of the strands firsthand, then going in to cut the strands a little more.

Check All The Sides And Repeat Where Needed

To finish up your cut, cross-check all the sides, including the sideburns and the top, to ensure your haircut came out the way you wanted it to. You can do more trims on the areas you feel are not well shaved. Also, if the area that needs more shaving is small, you can use a pair of scissors.

How to DIY Buzz Cut Styles 2
How to DIY Buzz Cut Styles 3