What is the Right Eyebrow Care Routine to Practice At Home?

Looking after your eyebrows using DIY Grooming Tools is such an underrated skill. We often head to parlors and salons for the professional treatment and get the eyebrows done. But sometimes, the busy routine takes over the parlor appointment and, we are left with no time to step out. 

Fortunately, we are blessed with the right set of tools that are extensively designed to tweeze and groom your eyebrows the best. With the correct tool in hand and the right practice and patience by your side, one can easily remove the outgrown eyebrows in no time. Today we are breaking down some of the easiest tips that will make your eyebrow grooming routine super easy and fun. 

Step by Step Guide to Achieve Well-Groomed Eyebrows At Home

Brush the Eyebrows 

Prepping the eyebrows is the first step to make them look perfect at home. You can take the help of Eye Groomer Brush for getting perfectly shaped brows. The bristled side of the brush, shapes and grooms the brow hair well. Ensure using the brush in the direction of hair growth for best results. It is recommended to let the eyebrows grow for weeks and brush daily before tweezing.

Tweeze After Shower 

Once your eyebrow hair grows enough, determine your face shape and use an Eyebrow Tweezer to get rid of any stray hair from underneath the brow and upper part. Invest in a good pair of tweezers for pain-free experience. This tool come handy for those who don’t have time to visit salons as one can remove the unwanted hair anytime without any help. The right time to pluck the eyebrow hair is after taking shower as it opens the pores and follicles making pulling hair from the skin less painful.

Don’t Make the Brows Too Thin or Too Thick 

While tweezing the eyebrows, make sure to stick to your original eyebrow shape and pluck the hair under the brow area. The golden rule says to pluck the eyebrows only in small amount because if you remove excess hair, it can’t be added back. To avoid any blunder, you can use eyebrow pencil to outline the eyebrows and then remove hair under the line. 

Use an Eyebrow Shaper

To get rid of extra hair from sideburns, cheeks, hairline and chin area, Eyebrow Shaper Tool is another product that proves best for eyebrow shaping. This tool is super safe and convenient to trim and groom the facial hair. For all those who are in jiffy, Eyebrow Shaper provides high precision experience without any fear of cuts and wounds. It is the best choice for easy eyebrow shaping.

Follow Up By Moisturizing 

Generally skin becomes red and inflamed after tweezing; hence apply moisturizing cream around the eyebrows. This will soothe the skin and avoid any irritation or skin related issue. The red bumps on the eyebrows after tweezing or plucking is very common and the puffiness gets healed by simply rubbing ice or applying cream.  Simply follow this to-do list and groom your eyebrows like a pro!