Top 5 Addiction Treatment Centers in North Carolina

At an addiction rehab program, patients undergo comprehensive substance abuse treatment. Typically it consists of a customized treatment plan, group counseling, support groups, family therapy, and aftercare.

The idea is to instill coping skills, learn to avoid triggers, practice sober-living skills, and better communicate with family. Since every individual battling addiction is different, rehab centers often create a custom treatment program to suit the individual needs.

For example, one person may benefit from detox while another may need intensive outpatient therapy to achieve sobriety. To that end, an initial assessment helps draw up the plan. There’s generally a multidisciplinary approach that takes into account each person’s psychological and physical needs.

Addiction Treatment

Common Treatment Modalities Followed By Rehab Centers in NC

Use of Evidence-based Practices

All addiction treatment programs in North Carolina must be evidence-based that have been thoroughly based on scientific research. A few classic examples of evidence-based addiction treatments include – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, 12-Step Program, Medically-assisted detox, etc.

Mental Health Services

Most people who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction tend to also suffer from co-occurring mental health issues like depression and/or anxiety. To make sure the treatment is successful, it’s important to conduct an accurate dual diagnosis. Many treatment centers in North Carolina provide both addiction and mental health treatment.

Patients with dual diagnoses find it best when the treatment incorporates care for co-occurring mental health issues at the same time as addiction. In the lack of mental health treatment, there’s a huge chance that the person will relapse and fall back into old cycles

Medically-Assisted Detox and Other Therapies

If the addiction is chronic, then a medical detox would probably be the first in the series of many other therapies. The detox is primarily geared towards ridding the body of chemicals and substances to give it a fresh start. At NC detox centers, medical staff takes care of managing withdrawal symptoms (which are often painful). A successful detox sets the groundwork for the entire treatment. It also helps with cravings and a more sustainable recovery.

Specialized Programs

There’s no cookie-cutter approach when it comes to treating addiction since every person is unique as is the addiction. So, it’s crucial to find a rehab program that offers a tailored and individualized rehab program. Some of the best treatment programs are gender-specific, targeting emotional, social, and psychosocial issues. There are also targeted programs for young adults, teens, working women, and adults.

Family Support

More often than not, dysfunctional family dynamics and relationships are at the heart of most addictions. Sometimes, family members are causing/fueling the addiction Addiction unknowingly. A good rehab center would incorporate family support where everyone gets to work as a team. Families learn to heal through trauma, build trusting relationships, and set healthy boundaries.

The odds of successful recovery are higher when the whole family gets to participate. They also learn about addiction, addiction Treatment, causes, and how to maintain sobriety.

Individual Counseling and Group Therapy

Therapy helps people learn their unhealthy patterns and ways to overcome them. They get a chance to share their problems and fears with a trained counselor. The counselor, in turn, helps them stay grounded and learn coping mechanisms.

Top 5 Addiction Treatment Centers in North Carolina

Beyond Addiction DWI/Counseling Agency – Asheville, NC

This is a private, substance abuse agency in Asheville, NC that invites young adults, men, women and couples seeking sobriety. As part of the services, there’s an initial assessment program. Under its ancillary services, you can expect things like case management, recovery coaching, social skill mentoring, and peer support.

Beyond Addiction uses the following approaches –

●Motivational interviewing

●12-step program

●Anger management


●Contingency management

●Relapse prevention

●Substance use counseling approach

Piedmont Counseling Services – Greensboro, NC

Piedmont Counseling is available for substance abuse treatment in Greensboro NC to both adult women and men. They can receive the treatment in an outpatient setting. These services include behavioral therapy, individual/group counseling, substance abuse counseling, anger management, and relapse prevention.

There’s also a major focus on dual diagnosis. The treatment approaches are the following –

●Trauma counseling

●Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

●Substance abuse counseling

The facility accepts private health insurance, Medicaid, cash/self-payment, as well as Military insurance programs like TRICARE.

BayMark Health Services of North Carolina

BayMark is one of the biggest specialty healthcare names in North America. The care is available for people with varying levels of addictions. To that end, this North Carolina drug and alcohol rehab offers a highly integrated and structured opioid treatment program along with residential treatment.

Outpatient services also include Medications Assisted Treatment. with the Nurse practitioners and physicians would prescribe buprenorphine in combination with group counseling. The professional also offers individual therapy to both inpatient and outpatient treatment programs.

●Medical-assisted treatment with Suboxone, Buprenorphine, and Methadone

●Outpatient detoxification for prescription medication, opioids, and alcohol

●Ongoing medical assessment and evaluation

●Life skills, relapse prevention, and addiction treatment education

●Residential treatment for substance abuse disorder

●Withdrawal management

●Inpatient medical stabilization

A CDM Assessment & Counseling of Guilford INC

CDM is a substance abuse counseling and assessment center focused on encouraging sobriety and a healthy lifestyle. It was founded in 2001 and is known for offering affordable drug rehab services in North Carolina. The facility encourages a productive lifestyle in a way that’s free from unhealthy and illegal substances.

The CDM Assessment and Counseling of Guilford is situated on North Elm Street in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Primary Specialty

As the name suggests, CDM offers counseling and assessment as to its primary speciality. As part of the counseling, the center focuses on teaching coping mechanisms to overcome addictions and lead a more improved/positive life. The team of counselors working for the CDM carries years of experience in helping clients succeed in overcoming their addictions and substance abuse troubles.

Groups Recover Together – Morganton, NC

Groups Recovery Together is one of the best substance abuse facilities in North Carolina. It works dedicatedly to fight off the opioid epidemic by offering highly accessible, affordable, and top-notch treatment in the community. 

The community recognizes the struggles and experiences that people with opioid addiction go through. They need respect and a sense of purpose to lead a healthy and fulfilled life. The community helps them reconnect with society, community, as well as their families in a healthy way.

Groups Recover Together maintains a network of outpatient clinics that combine evidence-based medicine, holistic care, and a sense of community. The facility offers Medication-Assisted Treatment – the gold standard for treating OUD.

Everything at the facility is backed by medical science. There’s the use of evidence-based therapies like CBT and a SAMHSA-approved curriculum.

The care team at Groups Recover Together comprises a care navigator, a physician, and a licensed substance use counselor to provide coordinated and thorough care. 

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It’s never too late to start working on overcoming addiction. Getting clean and achieving sobriety is always possible. It’s all about knowing when to receive help and a willingness to lead a happy and productive life. KNow that help is always available. Seek right addiction treatment today.