Top Ten Australian Car Insurance Companies


The insurance industry is extremely cutthroat, making it nearly impossible for laypeople to know what’s best policy is best suited for them. Customers often choose their car insurance solely based on the price, but there is much more to consider — such as the policy’s details, your personal needs, and the type of customer service that they offer. 

We have put together a list of the top vehicle insurance companies based on client feedback for your perusal.


You’ll want to get a quote on insurance with Youi earned close to four points for clearness of information, good price for consideration, punctuality, and customer engagement, and a 3.6 rating for work contentment. Clients felt that it was easy to file a claim and create their insurance policy because the staff was attentive to their needs. Furthermore, clients were appreciative of the free roadside help offered by this company too

Its policies offer plans for various kinds of vehicles like cars and motorcycles and amongst many other unconventional vehicles, you will spot on the roads. 

From 6,756 reviews, the overall rating is 4.1.

Australian Seniors 

Australian Seniors is a solid auto insurance company, they scored almost five points for clarity of policies, high fours for good price consideration, and are known for good engagement. Notably, a huge percentage of people who claimed on the website had their claim approved.

Hollard underwrites Australian seniors’ automobile insurance policies, which encompasses a wide range of problems such as full third-party damage to cars, fires, theft, and more. You may get legal liability compensation of $20 million and roadside help.

From 2,357 reviews, the average rating is 4.7. 

Australian Warranty Network (AWN) 

AWN got a high four points for clearness, good price, and customer engagement. Customers liked their prompt responses to issues, superb customer engagement, and easy claim procedures.

AWN is reputed for covering mechanical vehicles in its policies which include a wide variety of automobiles like cars and motorcycles. The company also provides additional services, such as general insurance matters and efficient administration management among many others.

From 899 reviews, the average rating is 4.5. 

Budget Direct 

Budget Direct received about four points for clearness of instruction, good price consideration, customer engagement, punctuality, and work contentment. Customers could get insurance payout quickly as this company uses a simple and customer-friendly approach. 

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Budget Direct is an insurance firm with over 1000 employees, that has collaborated with many vehicle mechanics and building companies. Customers can submit a claim and can alter their plan with a few available features — such as mishaps that require renting cars or water-accident-related coverage for their belongings.

From 7,262 reviews, the average rating is 3.9.

Integrity Extended Warranty 

This company scored about four points for clarity of instruction and information, good price points, and customer engagement. Customers were mostly content with the policy’s standard and price. As the staffs are friendly and carry out streamlined processes, they did not encounter any problems with processing several claims at a go. 

This company has long-standing relationships with industry leaders like Lumley Insurance. Even after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired, another coverage plan will be available through car dealers and gives a similar level of coverage. 

From 482 reviews, the mean score is about four points. 

Real Insurance 

This company scored approximately four points clarity of instruction and information, good price point, customer engagement, punctuality, and work contentment. Customers felt contented with the insurer’s quick and skilled handling of administrative issues.

Real Insurance boasts to be an insurer that offers a system of simultaneous “paying while one drives” car insurance, as well as the first in the world to do so, using this system. Clients can opt for extra insurance coverage for increased assurance or keep their premiums affordable by settling for basic coverage.

The mean score for this company is about three points. 

Eric Insurance 

Eric Insurance received approximately four points for clear instructions and information, good price consideration, and customer engagement. Clients appreciated the insurer’s low-cost insurance and friendly staff, who were believed to comprehensively teach partners about their services.

This is a general insurance firm that has been in this market for over 20 years. Various insurance products from this company are well-known, like their motorcycle insurance, motor vehicle warranty insurance, and more.

The mean score for this company is around three points. 

Huddle Insurance 

Huddle Insurance got three points for clearness of instruction and information and customer engagement and about four points for good price consideration. Customers liked the company’s affordable premiums, good client engagement, and fast procedures.

Huddle has many partners and even bots that employ algorithms to find important data and help consumers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Its automobile insurance line includes total and external party property policies with a variety of advantages and optional features. The comprehensive plan covers the policyholder’s car as well as damage to another person’s property or vehicle. External property insurance, on the other hand, only compensates for other people’s cars or belongings.

The mean score for this company is about three points. 

Woolworths Insurance

Woolworths Insurance scored about two points for clarity of instruction and information, customer engagement, and good time management, and about three points for the good price point and work contentment. Consumers appreciated the company’s inexpensive and skilled claims procedures. 

Part-time drivers can get complete coverage with their Less Pay Less scheme. Third-party property coverage includes all benefits for property damage, including theft or attempted theft, malicious damage, and fire.

Liability coverage is included in the external property damage product for anyone who is legally driving the policyholder’s car without authorization. Meanwhile, comprehensive automobile insurance covers policyholders against financial losses caused by accidents, damage to other’s vehicles or belonging, natural mishaps, transportation issues, and harm caused by someone else.

The mean score earned by this company is around two to three points.

State Government Insurance Office (SGIO) 

This company gets a score of low two’s for clear instructions and information and good price point, and mid two’s for customer engagement. Numerous loyal clients were appreciative of the company for its amazing customer engagements and inexpensive premiums on top of efficient claims procedures.

Its portfolio premiums include options including external property damage, external fire and theft, and conventional car insurance plans.

The mean score earned by this company is about two to three points.


In summary, there are 10 companies that you could turn to for car insurance whenever you are caught in a pinch. This list provides accurate and detailed information about each car insurance company so that you can discern which company’s insurance you would like to engage in. Make sure you have this list in mind when you are considering buying any car insurance! 

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