Instagram Stories Likes Game

You just have watched the stories of your favourite influencers on Instagram, and you are dying to tell them that you love her content. How can you do that? BY testing them or sending some emoji’s in DMS. Here is the reality check the influencer’s DMS are flooded with such messages. How can you tell her that you enjoyed her stories? Simply by hitting the like icon. Yes, you have shared me right here, girls! Now you can hit the like option.

The Instagrammers such as influencers and businesses who buy real Instagram likes Uk to increase the likes count now they have one more feature. The Instagram story’s likes add more to the like’s numbers.

2022 is all a about instagram features and surprises. It keeps rolling some interesting and user-friendly components to make the experience better. In the same year, this handle has introduced Instagram live moderator feature. What about the reels that compete with the TIKTOK?

Adam Mosseri Announces this News 

The Adam MosserisInstagram head announces this news on Twitter that now followers can connect with you via liking the stories. The best part is that that like does not involve the DMS. This like option work all alone.

This upgrade is best for the business and influencer who receives hundreds of messages each day. The response or text on stories also flooded their DMS and made it difficult for them to respond to the official messages. It is the best upgrade for both the business and influencers. 

What do these story features really mean?

So are you still a little bit confused about the like fetus of the story? How does it work? Is it safe to use the like option and much more?

So as per the name, this comment will permit the viewers to hit the heart option on someone else’s stories without sending a response in the DMS. These ideas open the door for the users to share their love and concerns with the influencers. 

On 15 Feb 2022, Instagram rolled out this feature and made life easier and simple.

Do you see the heart in the story’s section?

So, now you understand that this photo-sharing application has launched a new feature for the stories. So what does the heart mean? It is clear it the icon works the same as the post. You have to hit the hear icon if you like the post, and here you go! 

So if you desire to support some business, influencers, or friend, then hit that likes element in your stories. The single like can bring more Ukinstagram followers to them.

You can consider the likes as sending a text message on the phone rather than giving a call.

Now move forward and check how to like your friend’s story.

How to like the stories on Instagram

Do you get access to this feature? If yes, then what stops you from using it? Ypu, do you not know how to use these elements? Here are the guidelines:

  • Open the Instagram application. Or upgrade Instagram to the latest version before moving further.
  • now check someone else story
  1. You will view stories from users that you follow at the feed top. Their profile images have a colourful ring when a new story is there.
  2. If you want to check the stories, just hit the colourful circle.
  • There is heat present between the pane icon and the send messages on the story.
  • Just click the heart and done.

So, now you have sent the links to your favourite story, but what about your stories.

How can you check the likes count? Is there any choice for it?

How to check who sent heart on your stories?

So, how do you check that someone sent love to you via likes? You can check it by opening the viewer’s sheets. How to get access to that sheet? It is clear and easy just open the story.


  1. Open your new version of this photo-sharing app.
  2. Hit on your Instagram story option in the feed
  3. In the story corner, you can view another person’s profile icon.
    1. It tells that users have viewed the story.

4. After that, hit that icon to check who has seen your story.

  • If there is no icon on the story, then it shows no one has seen your Instagram stories.
    • Want to double-check? Check swipe up to see all names who have watched your content.
  1. If anyone has hit the “liked” option in the story, you can view a heart with the name

Stories likes are Private or Public?

So it is the primary query that bothers you.

If you hit the like icon on the story, you can see the like in the viewer sheet. It is not public!

If you get the likes on your story, users who see your Instagram stories will not view the like numbers. It is you who can check the likes count.


Instagram comes with various choices to bring links to your content. If you buy real Instagram Likes Uk and work on likes, you can increase your content’s reach.