What Business Tools Are Included in OKR Software?

The OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) framework is a popular strategy used by companies to establish clear goals and measure progress toward them. OKR software has become increasingly common as more and more businesses have adopted the methodology.

But what business tools, exactly, are included in OKR software?

Business Tools Included in OKR Software

Employee Engagement

OKR software and tools generally include employee engagement capabilities, such as the ability to track employee goals and tie these to organization-wide objectives. Employees can often use OKR tools to check their progress in completing goals and to communicate with their managers about the status of their tasks.

In some cases, employees can receive performance feedback from managers, supervisors and colleagues through OKR software platforms.

OKR Management Tools

OKR management tools have many different applications and can be used in various ways. One of the primary uses is to keep track of OKRs at a team level.

During the beginning of the quarter, Teams set their OKRs, which are then reviewed by the manager. With an OKR management tool, it’s easy to see all the OKRs that have been submitted by each team member and whether they’ve been approved or not.

You can also search for individual OKRs using keywords or tags and see how much progress has been made toward each goal. With this information in hand, managers can provide guidance to a team member if they need help reaching their goals or make changes based on how well things are going overall with any given project.

Another way to use an OKR tool is for performance reviews at end-of-period time. These can be difficult because you’re often trying to remember what happened during a three-month period that may have included many tasks and goals.

An OKR tool can help with this process by providing an overview of what was done during each quarter so you don’t miss anything important when doing your review.

Task Management

How do you allocate work in your company? Maybe you use an email inbox to assign tasks. Maybe you use a spreadsheet to track who’s working on what. Maybe you don’t have a system at all.

Task management tools will help your team allocate work, so that everyone knows what they should be doing and when they should be doing it. Team members can check who’s responsible for completing each task, as well as the status of each task, the deadline for completion and any other relevant information.

Team leaders can use these tools to monitor progress against objectives and make sure that everything is on schedule. They can also use them to identify areas where individuals or teams need extra resources, so that they can be allocated accordingly.

Project Management

Project management software goes one step further than task management software by helping you plan out how larger projects are going to be completed. It allows you to visualize the order in which tasks must be performed and how long each task will take.

It also helps you identify potential overlaps between different projects that might cause delays or bottlenecks later down the line.

The Final Word

OKR software makes it easier for businesses to work together and communicate their goals, objectives and results. When choosing OKR software, consider what features the software offers and how they will benefit your business and your employees.