Learning Experience of CCNP Certification.

As an intermediate certification in Cisco certification system, CCNP certification(check for ccnp course is simpler than the expert level CCIE certification. It has only theoretical exam and no lab exam. Many candidates may feel that they can pass CCNP certification through teaching themselves or memorizing the exam question dumps. But by memorizing the question dumps, you will forget everything after passing the CCNP certification exam. Even if you do get the certificate, it cannot help to improve your ability.

Therefore, knowledge should be learned in a down-to-earth manner. If you want to really improve your ability through CCNP certification, you should follow the steps of teachers and turn knowledge into your own wealth step by step.

Build the right mindset

First of all, you should know what your purpose of learning for CCNP certification is. If you are a college student or a graduate looking for a job, you may learn for CCNP certification in order to get more useful knowledge and skills and find a good job. Then you should focus on well mastering basic theory and basic experimental operation. Don’t pay too much attention to those very abstruse knowledge points.

A lot of knowledge cannot be understood overnight, and it takes time to run in. If you are an office worker whose purpose is to prove your professionalism through passing certification and have a better development platform, you should focus on the deepening of theory and experiment. If you are a cross-industry job hopper, you should understand the basic theory as well as the students at school.

Preview in advance

Before attending the CCNP certification training, you’d better read the textbooks by yourself. You don’t need to read it very carefully. The focus is to read the knowledge points of the book as a whole and leave an impression in your mind. For the basic concept and the basic theory, you had better think about them first. Leave a mark where you don’t understand so that you can go to class with questions. That’s enough.

Listen carefully

It’s best to prepare a notebook and record the teacher’s lecture framework, key points, difficulties and engineering experience, which is very useful for later review.

Review timely

Every time after class, you’d better go back and take time to have a look at the knowledge you just learned.

Do practical exercise

The practice of experimental operation should closely follow the course and you should do it carefully. Every time you finish a course, do the experiment immediately. Don’t procrastinate.

Frequently review the question dumps

Seriously do the exercises in the question dumps. The question dumps are actually a good learning material. Don’t take it as a simple recitation material. The biggest difference between certification exam and university exam is the practicability of the content learned. Generally, what you learn in the certification exam is the technology you will use in your future work. A good grasp of it now will play an obvious role in future work. Therefore, we should learn the question dumps carefully and master each question. If you can answer 90% of the questions correctly by yourself, then you have master the theory part.


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