How To Stay Productive When Working From a Home Office

Although your goal when working from a home is to be a productive employee, you may find it challenging to concentrate on your work. Juggling your personal and job responsibilities from the same location isn’t easy. Until you find a way to separate these parts of your life, you’ll likely struggle to be the best in both worlds. Here are some ways to become a constructive staff member while working from a home.

Choose an Office Space

While setting up with your laptop on a comfortable bed or couch may be tempting, it hinders your ability to work. Lounging around may induce fatigue, leading you to take a midday nap, which will leave you feeling even less motivated when you wake up. You’re also putting yourself at risk of daydreaming instead of concentrating on your job’s tasks. You might even start making entertaining web searches, such as “what are the best cruises for adults” or “funny cat videos.” 

To ensure you focus on your work assignments, you should create a space dedicated to them. An extra room that isn’t used frequently, such as a spare bedroom, is the perfect area. Set the office up much like you would if you were at your job’s physical location. It should look different from the rest of your home so you can mentally prepare yourself to get down to business. 

Also, make sure that the room has a door to get privacy when you’re making a call or attending a virtual meeting. If you have a family, consider posting your work schedule outside the door so they know they shouldn’t disturb you during those specified hours.

Limit Distractions

Designated office space can help you from becoming too distracted when you’re attempting to work. However, if you leave a TV on while doing reports, you may pay attention to it rather than the task at hand, so it’s best to leave the TV off until you complete your duties. If you prefer background noise, some types of music have been shown to improve concentration, including classical, instrumentals and nature sounds.

Another common interruption to watch out for is your phone. If you’re like most people, you have to see what’s new on your cell as soon as you hear it beep or buzz. It’s in your best interest to set your phone on silent mode so you’re not tempted to inspect notifications or answer calls. You should wait to check social media and messages until you take a break.

Set a Schedule

If you can work whenever you want to, you may be inclined to get some extra rest before starting your day. Unfortunately, getting up late may impede your desire to be productive. You may find yourself procrastinating so much that, before you know it, the day is already over.

Conversely, waking up early can help you focus better. Remember, the earlier you start the day, the sooner you’ll finish your work tasks. If you stick with set start and end times, you’ll be able to get into a mental work routine. You can even go as far as deciding which tasks you’ll tackle first. For example, maybe you’ll start the day by reading and replying to emails. The more structure you can add to your schedule, the easier it will be to conquer your responsibilities.

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Take Breaks

Everyone needs to take breaks from tedious business matters. Continuous work for hours on end will make it difficult to focus and get things done in a timely fashion. Your mind needs a break to recharge. Every hour or two, you should take up to 15 minutes to collect yourself, stretch or get a snack. 

If you’re having a particularly stressful day, engage in break activities that bring you solace. For example, pet your cat or dog, take a brief walk or meditate. Taking a few minutes for relaxation can help you make better work decisions.

Don’t let the hurdles of working from a home impede your ability to be a contributing member of your business. Keep trying to get accustomed to this new normal because, once you do, you’ll love having the freedom only a home job allows.