How Yoga Benefits Diabetes Patients.

Yoga is a therapeutic option for people with type 2 diabetes. It aids in the improvement of all health indicators in order to enhance physical and mental well-being. If you practice yoga for a long time, it can help you manage diabetes better. It will also lower the risk of diabetes-related complications. Yoga in the early stages of diabetes not only helps you regulate your diabetes but also improves your overall health. To keep your blood sugar levels under control, you can practice the best yoga for diabetes.

Many patients with diabetes are increasingly turning to yoga to help them manage their blood sugar levels. Yoga is a well-known ancient exercise that promotes overall health, decreases stress, lowers blood pressure, and improves mobility. Adding simple yoga practice to your daily routine can help you manage diabetes without resorting to medication. To obtain the benefit from yoga, you must do it consistently and regularly.

Yoga Benefits Diabetes Patients

Yoga will help diabetes patients to manage their blood sugar levels and it will also help in the following:

  • Keeping stress levels low
  • Reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems and maintains cholesterol level, body mass index, and blood pressure. 
  • Prevents the risk of diabetic neuropathy, i.e., the damage to one or more nerves. 
  • Gives strength and energy

Yoga poses to control blood sugar

Following are some yoga to control blood sugar levels – 

Dhanurasana or Bow Pose

This pose is appropriate for diabetics. It also works to strengthen the abdominal muscles, pancreas, improve digestion, and avoid stomach cramps. 

  1. Place your feet slightly apart and lie down on your stomach. Maintain a side-to-side body position with your arms.
  2. Hold your ankle while folding your knees.
  3. Inhale deeply, lift your chest, pull your legs up and back at the same time. Arms and thighs should feel stretched.
  4. Maintain this position for at least 15 seconds.
  5. Slowly lower your chest to the ground as you exhale. Bring your legs towards the ceiling by leaving your ankle.

Asana Balasana (Child pose)

The hamstrings, rotator muscles, and spinal extensors are all involved in this pose. It aids in the alleviation of tension, exhaustion, as well as back and neck pain. It also promotes relaxation, which aids in the development of insulin-producing beta cells.

  1. Sit in a kneeling position with your knees wide apart and your hips the same width as your knees.
  2. Back up a little and try to connect your heels to your hips.
  3. Lean forward till your forehead touches the ground.
  4. Feel the strain on your back by stretching your arms forward.
  5. Hold this position for around 5 minutes. Relax and return to your original seated position.

Bhujangasana (Upward facing dog pose)

In this, your spinal extensors, triceps brachii, and quadriceps muscles all work together. As a result, your muscle strength will improve. It lowers your blood sugar levels in the end.

  1. Keep your legs straight while lying on your stomach.
  2. Maintain a perpendicular angle between your forearms and the floor. Place your arms next to the last ribcage on the floor.
  3. Press your arms to elevate your body.
  4. Create pressure on your feet, and tighten your hip muscles.
  5. Look straight up or upward slightly. Before you sit in relax, take a deep breath, and hold it for at least 15 seconds.

Viparita Karani (Legs against the wall)

It stimulates the pancreas and other internal organs and considerable impact on diabetes management. This pose can help you control your blood pressure and lower your blood sugar levels if you perform it on a regular basis. Legs up the wall pose also help to calm your body by boosting blood circulation and energy levels.

  1. Lie down along the wall’s side. For further support, place a folded towel beneath your chin.
  2. Maintain a 90-degree angle with the wall by keeping your legs up the wall.
  3. Relax the muscles in your neck, chin, and throat.
  4. Stretch your arms out.
  5. Stay in this position for 4 minutes. 

Mountain Pose (Tadasana)

Although it is simple yoga, it requires precise technique in order to improve your body and mind. It aids in the improvement of focus, the strengthening of knees, and the promotion of spine flexibility. Mountain position opens up your body and allows your internal organs to function more efficiently. As a result, it aids in the improvement of blood circulation and the promotion of insulin sensitivity, allowing you to better control your blood sugar levels.

  1. Keep your arms on the sides of your body while standing straight on the flat ground.
  2. Maintain an upward motion with your palm.
  3. Inhale slowly while extending your arms to the sides of your body.
  4. Keep your hands in this posture for a time.
  5. Count to ten in this position. Exhale slowly and deeply.

Try doing the above yogas and see the benefits on your health.

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