The Best RV Storage Facilities In Los Angeles


People come to LA for a great number of reasons, including the chance to enjoy Hollywood luxury as well as to admire the area’s natural landscape. If you wish to visit, RVs are our preferred mode of transport for those who wish to visit California. Traveling by RV allows you to swim, climb, or explore the desert around the region  — what’s more, trailer rental in california is super accessible too! If you are worried about where to park your RV while you head out, there are a lot of RV campsites in the Los Angeles region, so you won’t run out of locations to rest your recreational vehicle. When you are out exploring the wonderful Sunshine State,  it is still vital to safeguard your RV, here are a few campgrounds that we love.

The Los Angeles Fairplex KOA

The Los Angeles Fairplex KOA is an excellent option for those looking for a campsite to park their RVs. Its accessible location, welcoming atmosphere, and friendly community, making this is a wonderful spot to find RV storage in Los Angeles. The Fairplex fairgrounds are direct across the street, and downtown Los Angeles is only a half-hour drive away. 

Their fully equipped gym, pool, convenience store, and free Wi-Fi make staying at this campsite a pleasure. Because this is a famous campsite, you will want to plan ahead and pre-book your camping and storage reservations ahead of time so that you can snag a spot. For a small cost, you may store your equipment in an accessible location, and you’ll have the comfort of knowing that it’s safe and secure.

McBride’s RV Storage

McBride’s RV Storage is a popular alternative for individuals in the Los Angeles region, having been voted the Number One RV Storage Facility in California. This storage spot is roughly under an hour from downtown Los Angeles and is located in Chino. There are several beautiful parks and woodlands that are easily accessible by car, perfect for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. 

McBride’s is particularly noted for providing a wide range of amenities to its patrons. Patrons will  have access to a waste disposal area, a wash station, an air compressor, and an accessories store. Their security system will keep an eye on your vehicle, keeping it safe and secure while in the facility.

Moorpark RV Storage

Just a 45 minute ride away from downtown Los Angeles, you’ll be able to enjoy the mountains, the seashore, or both from Moorpark RV Storage. Nearby, there are several state parks and national forest reserves for you to explore⁠ — a perfect spot for nature lovers. A fenced entrance, round-the-clock security, and a coded passcode system are all features that Moorpark RV Storage takes great pride in. The parking spaces are extra-large, and the valet parking is dependable and efficient. 

Ironwood RV Storage

The Ironwood RV Storage is the ideal spot if you want to be close to all the Los Angeles sights. Located close to the gorgeous Southern California coast and adjacent Cerritos county. The facility is also just 20 minutes away from Downtown Los Angeles and a short distance from Long Beach city. In addition, the Los Angeles International airport is right around the corner, making it the most practical location for visitors flying into the city. The facility ensures excellent customer service and satisfaction. To ensure so, your convenience is guaranteed in regards to transaction and payments options — for example, almost all credit cards are accepted, and extensions and monthly installments are also permitted. The storage facilities are also spacious and customers are offered ice and waste area, free of charge. 

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Anaheim Area

  1. Anaheim RV Storage

Right in the heart of Anaheim, this storage establishment is near several uniquely Anaheim attractions and only 30 minutes away from Los Angeles. A number of beachside and mountain destinations are also within easy reach for those who wish to enjoy California’s beautiful landscape. Don’t worry about security! All RVs on their premises are protected by their extremely secure top-of-the-line security system which includes closed-circuit video cameras and a wireless controlled entrance system, to top it all off, they even have a security officer present at all times. 

  1. Express RV & Boat Storage

The Express RV & Boat Storage is only half an hour from downtown Los Angeles and a slew of other notable locations. You have all the ease of being nearby to tons of local attractions, yet far enough away from the busy city commotion to enjoy the peace and quiet. It’s an excellent place to store your RV indoors safely, with various exceptional security systems securing about 30,000 square feet of interior storage area.

Thousand Oaks

  1. Westlake RV Storage

Patrons who keep their camper vehicles at Westlake RV Storage have access to a variety of state park settings. It’s around 40 minutes from downtown Los Angeles since it’s in Thousand Oaks. Furthermore, there’s still much to do in the surrounding towns of Simi Valley, Malibu, and Oxnard. Known as Thousand Oaks’ biggest RV and boat storage establishment, Westlake RV Storage contains a number of outdoor storage spaces. Management is constantly on-site, and monitoring is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  1. N&R Properties’ Self Storage 

N&R too is based in Thousand Oaks, providing self-storage that is inexpensive and effortlessly accessible. If you are working on a budget, this is the storage facility for you. While you are there, why not enjoy a fantastic day on the water at the nearby Oxnard? Campers looking for a humble family-owned-and-run business to park their RVs do not need to look elsewhere! The 101 and 23 highways, as well as various state park sites, are all easily accessible from this location.


If you’re looking to keep your RV in a sheltered RV storage facility in Los Angeles, you have a variety of possibilities. Although we recommend the absolute protection that indoor RV storage brings, you also have a lot of options when it comes to outside RV storage in Los Angeles. Remember to compare prices and check each storage facility’s operations details on their websites! All you have to do now is choose whatever facility perfectly meets your needs. Happy camping!

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