Can a Lawyer Help You Protect from Abuse?

The law is not always black-and-white – there are many places where the line between right and wrong is blurred. One of these areas of gray is when a person has experienced abuse. Does this mean that there are no legal protections for these individuals? Not at all! The expertise of a protection from abuse lawyer in PA can help victims of abuse protect their rights under the law.

This type of lawyer specializes in cases involving domestic abuse. Their primary goal is to help victims of abuse protect themselves legally by helping them obtain protection orders against their abusers. Protection orders are court-issued documents that establish the legal rights of a victim and/or their children in cases where domestic abuse has occurred or is likely to occur. The main goal of protection from abuse attorneys is to prevent further violence or harassment from occurring and to financially provide for the victim and their children in the case that it does happen. They also assist the people they represent in filing a complaint with civil authorities, as well as helping them obtain counseling to help cope with their experience.

How Does a Protection from Abuse Order Protect Victims of Abuse?

The purpose of a protection order is to prevent further violence and harassment against the person who has been abused. It can also be used to help keep the victim safe from their abuser, as well as any children that they share with the abuser. Essentially, protection orders are meant to keep a victim safe from further harm. A protection order will not only restrain an abuser from contacting a victim, but it will also protect them from anyone acting on behalf of the abuser.

A protection from abuse lawyer can help victims obtain a civil remedy for domestic abuse that is issued by a special court that deals with domestic issues. Protection orders are available in a variety of ways, including by telephone, by written application, and also in-person at a police station or other court office. Typically, the judge will determine whether or not to grant the protection order based on the information provided in the application. 

Therefore, if you or your loved ones are suffering from any kind of abuse, you better see a lawyer at the earliest and discuss the scope for obtaining a protection from abuse order, if required.